Wednesday, June 23, 2010

pictures from the vault.


I was going through a bunch of my old FB pictures the other night and stumbled across this one. In college my roommate organized a campus show and invited Ratatat and Japanther to our house afterward. I mostly remember being frustrated with the way they were handling our pets/personal belongings and spending the majority of the night thinking about how sudden fame must make people act differently than they did prior. I understand that you'll never see us again but seriously dudes? Memories are a hard thing to erase.


Dori the Giant said...

I agree with you that fame changes people.

That's exactly why you will never see a famous kid grow up and NOT become an enormous slut.

I bet Miley Cyrus is going to be the next Britney!

Paige Baker said...

HATE that! I could list you so many "famous" people who stayed great though!
Sleeping at Last-gentlemen.
Greg Laswell-So funny and kind
mewithoutYou-the most gentle and peaceful men you'll ever meet.
Yeasayer- the NICEST most down to earth guys (and hilarious!)
Mike Doughty-a riot.
David Bazan (pedro the lion)-so sweet. but kind of sad.

The list goes on. Some people are above reproach even in "fame" Don't let popularity justify arrogance.

Veronica said...

Ahhh dang! I love Ratatat! That's unfortunate...

Jess Craig said...

ew. maybe a baby changes you, but i can't stand overly scene people now. it's all like, they're just wasting their lives or something. you know?

alliehallmarr said...

My sister told me about all that Miley stuff going on. That girl is getting wild!

Paige: that's really good to hear. and i agree with you on David Bazan, super sad! haha.

Jessica: I know! That's how I felt too!

Jess: aren't too many people like that where we live now. i'd be curious to see how my views have changed since having H...

Riacassa said...

Totally! Ratatat came to my college and my friend interviewed them for the school newspaper and they were totally rude, inappropriate and lascivious to her. They also invited two of my friends onto their tour bus to "bone."

alliehallmarr said...

Ricassa, ha! Yes that sounds a lot like the guys we met! They sure received a load of prank calls the week following their visit ;)

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