Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We're (Slowly) Learning

I think I'm actually starting to get the hang of this life with baby stuff. It's all about learning how to do everything with one hand and discovering the best time to sneak in the things I want to do (minus baby). It's realizing that my boobs suddenly posses these magic powers that can be used to put H to sleep. Anytime, anywhere. It's feeling confident enough to ask for help and accepting the fact that you just can't get everything done.

I even found the time to finish making the bird onesie I started so long ago!

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010



Our Kiddopotamus

How crazy/adorable/totally ridiculous does this thing look? It's called a Kiddopotamus and it has completely saved our sanity. This cocoon-like blanket allows you to wrap your baby up in a tight swaddle, without all the stresses of using a regular swaddling blanket. Seriously, no positioning and repositioning corners and flaps, no baby busting out of the swaddle, no complicated fabric stretches and tucks. Just a pouch for the feet and three velcro tabs. Awesome! We can even change his diaper without unswaddling his arms (which = baby falls back asleep faster).

How a play on the word "Hippopotamus" has anything to do with swaddling a baby, I have yet to figure out but this blanket is right next to "swing" on my top favorite baby items list (whoa!!)

Oh my, look how CRAZY my H looks in that first photo!

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear Henry

Dear Henry,

I am so sorry I got you sick. I hate that you are in so much pain because your nose is so stuffy and there's nothing you can do to fix it. It is so frustrating knowing you are uncomfortable and not being able to make it all better. I'm mad that this horrible cold is making my baby all sweaty and squirmy as you try to find a comfortable way to rest on my chest. When you look up at me with tired and glossy eyes it makes me want to cry.

If I could, I'd rent you as many movies as you'd want and let you eat sorbet until your belly hurt. That always makes me feel better.

I promise the way you're feeling won't last forever, Little Bear.


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Blogs I Love

A few wonderful blogs I have really been enjoying lately.

Counting Coconuts : Montessori inspired learning activities
Dori the Giant : Dori is an adorable girl who posts cute art and awesome ideas
Silence and Noise : stories of a seriously adorable one year old boy
Don't Worry Baby (Everything Will Turn Out Alright) : Sara is expecting her first baby soon...! This one makes me miss being pregnant :( Plus, a Beach Boys reference? Oh yeah.
Some Things Are Just Perfect : wonderful pictures/videos and random thoughts posted by one of my favorite writers
Everybody Loves Baby : heartfelt stories, beautifully written

If you get the chance, you should check them out for yourself.
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Earth Hour everyone! We'll be enjoying everything by candlelight, until the night is over. What are your plans?

It's Called "The Bicycle"

Henry never misses an opportunity to show off his new moves on the dryer dance floor. He tells the ladies,"This Chromeo/Vampire Weekend mix really gets me going. Justin Bieber can kiss my diaper."

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh my, how quickly I forgot about those lovely germs covering the children I work with. I told myself I wasn't going to get sick. Not this time. We have too much to do! But alas, I have been defeated (BIG sad face with a runny red nose).

One minute I'm tearing around the house cleaning everything, starting the crafts I've been putting off for months, and pulling out the ingredients for a batch of molasses cookies and the next I'm sprawled out on the bed in pain, crying into a mountain of crumpled up tissue. Nice trick, body. Thanks!

I hope it rains all day tomorrow...because I'm staying in bed.

image from here.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh, Did I Tell You You're Getting SHOTS Today?

Yesterday was Henry's two month baby checkup. The entire time I kept thinking, "Seriously how has this happened so fast? How are you two months old already?" The What To Expect books never warned me that although pregnancy feels like it's going to last forrrrrever, once your baby is here time speeds out of control and the most beautiful moments pass you in the blink of an eye.

Henry weighs 11.1 pounds (holy boobs! that's all from momma milk!) and is now 23 inches long! His head weighs in on the small size, which totally makes sense considering the fact that his dad still has to shop for his hats in the kid's section (hee hee.) Don't let the head size fool you though, these Marrs have big brains. Seriously, Henry is already trying to talk and will probably be naming the presidents in chronological order by next month. Is there a Jeopardy: Baby Tournament! yet?

H had to get his first set of vaccines, which was a total bummer for him and equally as traumatizing for his wimp of a mother. Did you know they make you hug pin your child's arms to their chest while they give them the shots?! Worse thing ever, feeling your baby's little body tense up and shake.

After the shots we had lunch with G downtown and everything was better. The weather has been so warm and sunny lately so we were able to eat outside. I bragged about his growth like a proud momma and listened to him sleeping on me in the Bjorn.

It's such a great feeling, realizing that although you had to hold him down for shots, your baby still feels the safest nestled on your chest.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Dear Henry.

Dear Henry,

Your dad and I were lucky enough for me to find a job where I can take you with me to work everyday. You make my days more enjoyable and although I love my job, it is ten times better with you there. Even the most stressful situations aren't so bad when I know I can run to you at any point, just to smell that sweet baby goodness and rub my lips over your fuzzy, soft head. It's so refreshing.

Every (cold!) morning as I rudely awaken you in my hurried rush to get out the door, I feel so guilty for ruining your sleep. But when I'm changing your diaper and trying to buckle you into your car seat so super fast because we're running late (again!) and I'm stressed beyond belief, you are so patient with me as you smile and coo and send me looks that say, "Hey, at least we're in this together!"

You love the children I work with and they love you just as much. It's almost like you have a brother and sister and I enjoy watching you all grow together. F knows how to make you smile and coo (and she's only known you for a few weeks!) and little R babbles to you and you try to talk back. I love that I can watch you learn from your new, tiny friends.

I look forward to work everyday, because I know that it is another day I get to spend with my sweet boy.



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St. Patrick's Day Kid

Currently working on some posts that are requiring a ton of my time and getting used to being back at work. Until I find the time to write, check out this video I took at the St. Patrick's Day parade. This hilarious kid was pulling these moves (and MORE!!) the entire time. Awesome things happen when you give your kids sugar and red dye # 40 at ten in the morning.

This stuff seriously cracks me up.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tummy Time

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Two Months Old?!

Oh my, Little Bear! How did this happen so quickly? ::Sigh::

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Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

I can't believe I just finished this entire drink before remembering that chocolate makes Henry's stomach hurt like the time I ate Taco Bell and almost broke the toilet.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

we're headed downtown to watch the parade and then back home for a well deserved nap....

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Three Parades

Henry was in his first parade on Saturday! G had volunteered to walk with a recycling campaign a few weeks back and since the weather has been so nice lately we decided to join him. The entire day was a blast, I had forgotten how fun (read: drunk) people are for anything St. Patrick's Day related.

Some highlights of the day:

Kids with fruit punch mustaches, pets in costumes, A drunk woman in her 50s waving a bubble wand and shouting "Awwwww, heeeeeeeey baaaaaybeeeeee!" to Henry, a miniature chihuahua wearing a miniature leprechaun hat, a Shriner walking up and kissing a random little girl's cheek, Mardi Gras dancers, walking the beach barefoot the entire way back, breastfeeding in the car (I'm getting way better at it. Next step: feeding in public! Hey!), running into a couple we made friends with in our birthing class and getting to see their adorable baby boy for the first time, Henry's green outfit that was much too big for him, vegetarian pizza at Basil's, and dogs painted green.

Henry's in another parade tomorrow and then we'll be going downtown on Wednesday to watch another parade there. Three parades in your 8th week? Hey, that's not too bad Baby Henry!

Worrying about the fact that he doesn't have any hair and he's about to be in a parade...

A man with a Scottish accent gave Henry the pin on his sweater and said, "Ya tell em that's from his Ol' Uncle Ernie!"
During the parade a little girl yelled, "BABY LEPRECHAUN!!" at Henry. : )

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Our friend Homer has come to stay the weekend with us! He rode the train home from DC with G and will be staying with us until Monday morning. It is so much fun to have an old friend around and I'm finding that babies are even more fun when you have people to show them off to!

The family that I work for gave us their old Baby Bjorn yesterday and HOLY CRAP! this thing is awesome! I can make sandwiches using both hands now! I can wipe a nose (or butt) and hold a paci in place at the same time! I can pee with only a small amount of awkward positioning!

Plus, I find my husband looks so hot wearing it around! There's just something super sexy about a man wearing a baby.

Henry is so happy to have his dad back and they've been spending a lot of time catching up. I catch G just staring into Henry's crib in the evening. "He's such a cute baby, I love him so much," he tells me.

Even though Homer is here and dad is back, this is still Henry's favorite face to make between the hours of 7 and 8 pm. Bath time is fun, but getting out is a bit of a bummer.

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