Monday, March 15, 2010

Three Parades

Henry was in his first parade on Saturday! G had volunteered to walk with a recycling campaign a few weeks back and since the weather has been so nice lately we decided to join him. The entire day was a blast, I had forgotten how fun (read: drunk) people are for anything St. Patrick's Day related.

Some highlights of the day:

Kids with fruit punch mustaches, pets in costumes, A drunk woman in her 50s waving a bubble wand and shouting "Awwwww, heeeeeeeey baaaaaybeeeeee!" to Henry, a miniature chihuahua wearing a miniature leprechaun hat, a Shriner walking up and kissing a random little girl's cheek, Mardi Gras dancers, walking the beach barefoot the entire way back, breastfeeding in the car (I'm getting way better at it. Next step: feeding in public! Hey!), running into a couple we made friends with in our birthing class and getting to see their adorable baby boy for the first time, Henry's green outfit that was much too big for him, vegetarian pizza at Basil's, and dogs painted green.

Henry's in another parade tomorrow and then we'll be going downtown on Wednesday to watch another parade there. Three parades in your 8th week? Hey, that's not too bad Baby Henry!

Worrying about the fact that he doesn't have any hair and he's about to be in a parade...

A man with a Scottish accent gave Henry the pin on his sweater and said, "Ya tell em that's from his Ol' Uncle Ernie!"
During the parade a little girl yelled, "BABY LEPRECHAUN!!" at Henry. : )

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1 comment:

Megan said...

Henry is so cute that it makes me want want to cry! What color are his eyes?

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