Saturday, May 31, 2014

Guess Who's Back....

SO WEIRD being here again. I couldn't even remember my password or email address while trying to log in. I think smart phones and Instagram kind of killed blogging for me, it's just so much easier to document daily life that way than it is through a computer. I can't even believe I used to have the time and patience to upload and edit photos.

Since I last wrote here, about a million changes have happened in our lives. For starters, I graduated and completed my first year of teaching at a wonderful school in Savannah. I had two miscarriages. We moved back to Washington state (something we've been dreaming about for YEARS). We just bought our first house. We're having a second baby boy in two weeks. You know, little stuff. I'm totally not exhausted or stressed out at all.

With the upcoming arrival of baby number two, I have been thinking a lot about blogging. It's crazy how quickly you forget everything from your days as a first time mom. Maybe I'm just more forgetful than most but I seriously would not be able to remember how old Henry was when he stopped breastfeeding or how old he was when he slept in his own crib for the first time if I hadn't written it all down here. I look back on this blog from time to time and I am so thankful for all of the recorded memories I captured here. I realize just how worth it all that editing and writing was.

This pregnancy has already been such a different experience than my first. Now that I'm towards the end of it, I'm kicking myself for not writing down things from time to time. I'm pretty sure I took a picture of my belly every. week with Henry and with this one I have maybe....five? I honestly didn't take as many because I feel grosser, more tired and fat. Now that the baby will be here in two weeks, I'm realizing how stupid I was for not taking more pictures. 

18 weeks (Omg, shut up. Did I even need to buy this maternity shirt?)

26 weeks

29 weeks

32 weeks

35 weeks

38 weeks

And apparently stripes are my thing this pregnancy. We're really excited to have a snuggly little baby again and Henry is no doubt going to be an awesome big brother. I have reached that point though where I'm caught between being so ready to hold this new baby and "OMG stay in there longer!!" because I'm so nervous about the upcoming change (lack of sleep, the chaos of two, constantly worrying over baby-related issues, etc.) and the delivery. 

This baby will be delivered via repeat c-section because of Henry's horrible emergency cesarian delivery. I'm so terrified over the whole thing that sometimes I don't sleep. My mind goes to the most morbid thoughts and I've been having horrible dreams. I love my new doctor and the hospital I chose is GREAT but it's just not enough to calm me down. June 12th will be both the most terrifying and exciting day ever. I'm a huge wreck over the whole thing. 

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