Sunday, February 10, 2013


Happy third birthday Henry Bear! Has it really been three years since that day I first saw your little head and big eyes staring up at me for the first time? My mind is blown. You're such a fun kid and every day I am amazed by how smart, funny, and sweet you are. We love you so much! 

Your birthday party was a lot of fun this year. You're making a few friends now and watching you interact with them on your big day was really exciting for me. I know you had a good time at your party because every day since you've told me in a sad little voice, "I want my birthday back. I want my friends to come back to my party." And I can see the wheels in your head spinning when you randomly ask me, "Mom? Am I THREE now?" 

You have grown so much in the past few months. You're starting to write your name, you're potty trained, and you going to school full time! Adjusting to so much change has been hard on all of us but you're pretty much handling it like a boss. We're so lucky to have such an easy going little guy. 

You really wanted a pinata this year!


My favorite picture. When everyone was singing "Happy Birthday" to you, you smiled so huge and looked around the room at each person. I could tell you felt so special and loved.

Your current bff. You LOVE her!

The perfect picture to sum up your current "NO. LET ME DO IT!" personality.

Bunz hates parties. DUH.

The entire day you only ate: Gummy bears, cake, cookies, a bite of a hot dog, cake, chips, and cake.

The rest of the afternoon we shot rockets off in the front yard. You couldn't do it then but a week later and you're so good at it. Stop growing! 

Don't will catch it....with his shirt. 

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