Sunday, May 31, 2009

Markets and Beaches.

G starts his new job tomorrow, so we've been trying to pack as many activities as we can into this last vacation week. Yesterday it was 88 degrees outside and incredibly humid. We went to a huge flea market twenty minutes away and then later we went to the beach. The water from the Atlantic was warm and the sand was white and really soft. We'll definitely be visiting again soon.

Giant cow outside the flea market:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Outside the Apartment

I'd like to get some more pictures of the area outside our new place, the Spanish Moss here is so beautiful and kind of haunting. I snapped a few pictures of our building before we left for G's work physical today, so ya go!

We rent the ENTIRE top floor! The windows you see are in the living room, office, and stairway. Our mailbox is the one on the right!

Savannah Update:

We finally have internet at our house! It's a little sickening to think how dependent we've become on Google, Yahoo, and others. This last week we were unable to check our e-mails, watch TV shows, or Google directions and it was a pretty nice break. Now that it is hooked up at our house I am going to try and use it very rarely.

Lots of new things have been happening out here. Over Memorial Day Weekend we drove down to Florida to visit G's relatives. We got to see the houses and neighborhood he grew up in and ate at some really good restaurants. I like his family a ton and we all had a really nice time. Florida is a really neat state. Extremely hot and humid with these amazing rain/thunderstorms that seem to appear out of nowhere.

Our place is getting more put together, although we still need bookshelves for our books. I'm trying to ignore all of the HUGE bugs that scurry around our floor, until I get used to them. We're talking cockroaches and flys the size of a dime (and sometimes bigger!) Last night I turned on the light to the bathroom and Bunz pounced on a cockroach the biggest I've seen so far. The whole night she was on bug duty...sitting on the bed, watching the floor in between short naps.

I am still trying to get my job situation all lined up, unfortunately. I came to Savannah with two great offers and was unexpectedly left with zero. I went downtown yesterday to the Board of Education to see if I could get a teaching assistant job and was told that the entire county is under a hiring freeze until next year at the earliest. Wish me luck...job searching is frustrating :-(

Birdwatching in the backyard:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

THE Chair.

We have the best chair in our living room right now. The kind of chair you just sink right into and never want to leave.

As Promised

Here are some pictures of our new apartment!! We still have A LOT of work to do as far as getting everything organized and put away. It's fun though.

We finally have our own washer/dryer!

Our own backyard...we can start gardening soon!

The kitchen!

Our bedroom:

The music room:

Sewing room/office:

Living room:

Sunday, May 17, 2009


And did I mention how much Bunzy enjoyed the 14 hour drive?! She really had a blast...

So Behind.

I've fallen behind on so many things, it's not even funny. Obviously this blog is one of those. In my defense, moving is stressful and always takes up a ridiculous amount of your time. While we're still (barely) stealing this wireless connection I thought I'd post some pictures from our fabulous road trip.

We drove through Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, and a bit of Georgia (of course). We kind of hated Indiana, it was really nothing but sewer plants, power lines, and billboards. Kentucky was the prettiest with all of its rivers and huge forests. I haven't seen so much green in a really long time. Also, driving to bluegrass music is one of my new favorite things.

We LOVE our new apartment and have so much space that the whole thing echos. Cat keeps getting lost and meowing until she finds us. We even have our very own doorbell. I'll put some pictures of the place up later.

So sorry these road trip pictures are size: teeny-tiny.

Entering Indiana:

Our Kabin in Kentucky:

Traveling Cat:

The storm in the Smoky Mountains:


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Goodbye Chicago...

and hello Savannah, Georgia! We leave today for our new adventure. I am seriously so excited to get on the road and see more of the country. Staying the night in Kentucky and then again in South Carolina. If we find internet along the way, I will write and post pictures from our road trip.

Thanks to all of our wonderful friends here...I am really going to miss the H out of this place. Wish us luck!!

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