Friday, May 24, 2013


When Garrison first bought his iPad, he didn't realize that the new gadget would be more Henry's than it is his. Seriously, that kid has FIVE folders of apps. FIVE! I admit it's ridiculous but there are just so many great apps for his age, how can we not snatch them up? 

With that being said, I have also totally downloaded my fair share of dud apps. I want Henry apps to be unique, educational, and fun but Google searching typically results in apps that look great but magically turn cheesy, cheap, and super lame after download. And who even has the time to sort through semi-reliable online reviews? Not me. 

What if there was an easy to search database of quality, educational apps? 


appoLearning is a well organized, user friendly site with tons of educational apps for children. Each of the apps featured on appoLearning are graded using a rubric that assesses things like educational content, features and design, kid appeal, and safety. Even better yet, the apps are reviewed and graded by experienced educators! If you're not sure about an app based on the grade alone, you can read a review and look at pictures. I found this so much easier than searching reviews online or opening the app store every time I found an app that looked awesome. What I also really like is the extensive amount of learning categories on appoLearning. Whether your looking for a fun handwriting app, hoping to teach your child Spanish, or trying to find a good interactive book for'll find great apps here. 

The iPad is a great tool for working with your child. Check out appoLearning to find some of the best apps available! 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Readjusting My Thoughts on Toddlerhood.

So I was looking through some of my old YouTube videos tonight and I found this sweet video that my little sisters made for me when Henry was just a year old. The last time I watched it, I rocked little baby Henry in my arms in the kitchen of the house I used to nanny at and cried as I kissed his chubby little cheeks. I remember thinking, "Don't grow up Henry! Stay this little!" and just truly cherishing that moment.

Watching this video now is different to me in so many ways. Henry is three, no longer than snuggly little sweet-smelling baby. Every second of every day he pushes my buttons and tests my patience. I get so frustrated with him and honestly I'm not the best at reacting to those moments. I get so annoyed by the littlest things and I'm constantly stressed out, tired, and angry.

But listening to my sweet sisters sing these words and watching pictures of my baby who has so quickly grown into a spirited toddler makes me realize that time passes by so quickly. Every moment you have with your child is fleeting and before you know it, those moments are gone forever.

I know I will soon be looking back on these trying times and missing them so much. I'm not saying it's normal to handle every tantrum like a's just good to remember that soon those crazy tantrums will end and replaced with new challenges and those with many more.

Try to enjoy every moment you have, the good and the bad, because soon you will be looking back on those days with a fond heart, wondering where exactly the time went.

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