Sunday, March 3, 2013

Adjusting and Doing Well!

Guess who's been totally non-existant from the blogging world even though I swore I would be getting better at writing here...Yeah. Everything is still so crazy busy here, two months in and I'm finally starting to feel like we're adjusting to the change. Before student teaching, I tried so hard to prepare myself for this. I knew that I would be so distracted and stressed. I knew that Henry would have a hard time transitioning from full time stay at home baby to daycare attending toddler. And yet, this change has been a million times more difficult than I had ever imagined. Three alone is a challenging age. Three adjusting to a new routine is hell. When tantrums and breakdowns occur, it's so hard for me to determine which is due to this age and which is due to the new routine. I try my best to have patience, but moms of toddlers know this is easier said than done (mantra: I'm the adult, I'm the adult, I'M THE ADULT). 

Henry is starting to like school more and more, although it still seems to be a love/hate relationship. Some days he can't wait to go and then others he crying because I picked him up a half hour later than usual. For an entire week he will tell me that he "doesn't like school" and then the weekend comes and he's all, "My friends miss me. I want to go to school". One of my readers, Meg, recently told me that her son really only started enjoying school once he made a friend. She was so right! I honestly think the turning point in his attitude towards school was his friendship with this sweet little boy in his class. If that kid only knew how much I used him as bait...

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