Thursday, December 29, 2011





We're in Tacoma hanging out with Garrison's family right now, having a ton of fun. Henry finally recognizes presents and has been frantically yelling "PRESENT!...PRESENT!" at every empty giftbag he sees, it rules. He's also been walking up to everyone and saying, "Hi! How ya doin'?" Super cute! We've been driving all over the Seattle area catching up with old friends, family, and places from Garrison's childhood. And tonight...I barely believe it but Garrison and I are going on a freaking date. We're actually going out without Henry! This is a big deal guys. BIG. Wahoo!

Friday, December 23, 2011

i could stay here forever....


Henry buried his aunt megan under all of this random crap from around the house!

IMG_3263 IMG_3253
dress up the baby

playing tinker toys with papa

playdate with liam (yee-um)

IMG_3353 IMG_3360

sick & watching 101 dalmatians for the first time with his aunt carly

IMG_3175 IMG_3269

when you're on vacation you can spend an embarrassing amount of time creating pictures like these! livin' it up! WOOT!

gingerbread house


Garrison's plane just landed and he's coming to stay with us tomorrow, I'm really excited! We're keeping crazy busy around here, the house is always full of family coming in and out and animals running in between your feet. Literally. This little kitten here will sprint out from nowhere and trip you as you walk. Also? It farts. Have you ever even heard of a cat that farts? I hadn't. It's weird, incredibly deceiving, and really gross!

Last week I bought Garrison a really cool gift that I was super stoked about and left it on the roof of the car. Five blocks later and I'm frantically searching the streets, ducking into random bars to ask people if they had seen my gift. Oh and two days later I was stocking wood for my parent's fireplace and the front of the wheelbarrow hit a rut. The entire thing flipped forward and upside down and I landed belly first on the bottom wheels. It was totally ridiculous because I had just been thinking to myself, "Someone should get this on tape. Look at me being all county! I'm really doing it!" CRASH. Last night Henry pooped in the bath for the first time ever and my family has been making him say, "Mustache!" because it comes out as something babies aren't allowed to say. Sooooo obviously lots of funny/cool/ummmm? stuff happening around here too!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Farm Life.



IMG_3308 IMG_3281


IMG_3279 IMG_3278


when we were little kids, we worked for weeks to clear this patch in the woods into a "secret garden". we'd bury treasures in the ground, plant flowers, build benches, and just hide out there. eventually it became a pet cemetery too! that's not taking a cute story and making it way creepy at all....right?



gettin serious with "papa"

this was my car when i was in highschool! i lovvvved this car.

my parent's house


I came to Washington expecting some serious winter weather since it was obvious we weren't going to get any in Savannah but it's been so warm! What's up with that WA? I'm trying really hard to not think about the fact that this means no snow this trip. Poor southern Henry! He's destined to be a complete weather wimp.

Henry's been having a ton of fun running around my parent's property and playing with their animals. Today he rode the tractor for half an hour with my dad, threw some grass at the horses, stomped through my mom's garden, and followed the dog around as it chewed up an old can of Chef Boyardee Spaghettios and Axe deodorant. That's so farm life Y'ALL!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Henry Reviews: Cowboys and Aliens

So we watched Cowboys and Aliens last night and Henry was so into it! I kind of thought it would scare him since he's never seen anything as graphic and scary before but he stood super close to the screen yelling, "RUN!" and "Git da guys!" Last night and all today he wouldn't stop talking about it, mostly referring to all of the "boo-boos" the "mama" got (lately all girls are mamas and all boys are dadas. so awkward when you're in the grocery store and your baby is saying, "Hi, Dada!" to random men...) Anyway, it was really fun watching him try and comprehend hundreds of bizarre images and situations. Being a mom is just awesome.

Not sure if you want to spend $3.99 to rent this movie? (don't) Maybe Henry's review will help you out:

Thursday, December 15, 2011

what we've been up to

DSC03844 DSC03843

@ school with his huge bag of markers


AHHH Dragon!!

DSC03880 DSC03841
Super 8/ Watching Rudolph with "PaPa"

Getcha craft on


"Helping" Uncle "Pee-Vee" with the tree

Melissa <3

"Bomma" corn on the cob

DSC03863 DSC03892
Snuggling the cat and eating candy cane (wrappers)

Throwing a fit at WalMart


I know these are a ton of random photos but honestly, we've been so busy that I only think to snap a few on the go. We've been hanging out at my parent's school (they are both teachers) while they finish up classes for winter break. We got our family Christmas tree and spent time with really good friends that I haven't seen in forever. Time here is going by so fast but I'm seriously enjoying every second of it (cheese alert!)

Henry has been so off schedule that I never know when he's going to sleep but we're on vacation so I'm just sorta winging it. He missed a nap yesterday so naturally he'd sleep great all night duh, right? Nope. For some reason he screamed until 2:30 am. I was trying to be all tough like, "You're sleeping in your crib endofstory" but I can only take so much crying that late at night. Plus, he's been wearing those fleece footie pajamas because its so cold here and those things are basically snuggle magnets. Anyway, horrible night of baby feet in my ribs and this morning he still wakes up at 7 with so much energy. How do babies do that? Amazing! Annoying! He grabbed the curtains first thing and ripped them off the wall. He was totally unfazed by it as he threw the rod off of his head, pointed out the window at my parent's horses and yelled, "HI HEE-HEEs!" . Lucky for me for every bit of energy he has, my family has as much patience and love. For once I am not Henry's sole source of entertainment and that feels awesome.

Okay and that candle picture? Henry keeps finding those and dumping them out all over the place. Then he sits down and lines them up saying, "Happy DayDay Henny!" after each one. Hilarious!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In Washington!

Little guy, big airport


Sleeping on the plane? Totally did not expect this to happen.

"Here's your applesauce pouch...DON'T SQUEEZE ITTTT!AHHH!nevermind!...."

DSC03781 DSC03774
"Bomma" kisses. Biggest chalk ever.

DSC03798 DSC03791
Cat strangling. Trouble making.

Carnival rides.

Auntie glasses

We're here! We're here! And we've been having so much fun. Henry was awesome on the plane ride over and even great during our layover in Charlotte. I was expecting the worst but honestly this was the easiest time traveling with him I have ever had! The key was bringing his stroller for the airports, a king sized bag of M&Ms, and chocolate Teddy Grahams. We're slowly adjusting to the three hour time difference, being lazzzzy, eating horribly, and making Henry do all of his tricks. It's 11:30 and I'm just now starting an episode of Breaking Bad and a huge bag of popcorn because guess what? I don't have to do anything tomorrow. I don't want December to end!

And Garrison, we miss you and love you and can't wait to see you soon!

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