Thursday, December 1, 2011

Florida Thanksgiving 2011 (photo dump)


We had such a great Thanksgiving! We drove down to Florida and spent time with Garrison's family. Henry was awesome the entire ride down, we only had to break into the Cheetos once and listen to Raffi about 250,000,000 times (what's with that guy and ducks anyway?). I thought he would go nuts over all of the new foods this year but he refused to try anything. All this awesome food and the only thing he ate were 7 wheat thins and a cupcake. Wth? Henry spent a lot of the time destroying Aunt Lisa's house and getting so jealous over the little baby. Like, he'd go out of his way to take her toys and hug her (neck) a little too hard. It's been easy to think that I have the most well behaved, perfect child because it's just me and him all day. But put Henry around other babies and breakable holiday decor and I'll quickly realize that I might have been living in a fantasy world for the past five months. On the plus side, he was totally awesome in the hotel room and gave lots of high-fives and crumbled wheat thins to his Pap-Pap. Thanks for having us Florida family, we can't wait to see you again!

hey kid.

IMG_3501 IMG_3500

reassessing his actions
(someone should have quoted me years ago when I swore I would never put my kid in time-out)


IMG_3532 IMG_3529
Pocket wheat thins for Pap-Pap/Jumping with Stephanie



IMG_3512 IMG_3505
baby petting/turtle riding

stick with what you know

IMG_3521 IMG_3579
riding clifford


flying dad

(to see more photos from Thanksgiving click here!)

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