Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just Some Randoms

IMG_3193 IMG_3194
Finger painting

IMG_3240 IMG_3251

Makeshift table (he'll sit here

IMG_3257 IMG_3260
Henry's tree

Juice box head rest

IMG_3285 IMG_3334
Mommy's shoes/Monopoly

IMG_3451 IMG_3442
Flying fish/Pants hike

These are pictures I've been meaning to post for a while but just could never figure out how to use them in a post. Anyway, it kind of shows what we've been up to lately...basically a whole lot of goofing and counting down the days until we're in Washington (tomorrow y'all!!!!) Actually I should be packing right now but I'm a little overwhelmed by the thought of cramming a month's worth of winter clothes into one suitcase. And I'm lazy.
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