Friday, December 23, 2011

i could stay here forever....


Henry buried his aunt megan under all of this random crap from around the house!

IMG_3263 IMG_3253
dress up the baby

playing tinker toys with papa

playdate with liam (yee-um)

IMG_3353 IMG_3360

sick & watching 101 dalmatians for the first time with his aunt carly

IMG_3175 IMG_3269

when you're on vacation you can spend an embarrassing amount of time creating pictures like these! livin' it up! WOOT!

gingerbread house


Garrison's plane just landed and he's coming to stay with us tomorrow, I'm really excited! We're keeping crazy busy around here, the house is always full of family coming in and out and animals running in between your feet. Literally. This little kitten here will sprint out from nowhere and trip you as you walk. Also? It farts. Have you ever even heard of a cat that farts? I hadn't. It's weird, incredibly deceiving, and really gross!

Last week I bought Garrison a really cool gift that I was super stoked about and left it on the roof of the car. Five blocks later and I'm frantically searching the streets, ducking into random bars to ask people if they had seen my gift. Oh and two days later I was stocking wood for my parent's fireplace and the front of the wheelbarrow hit a rut. The entire thing flipped forward and upside down and I landed belly first on the bottom wheels. It was totally ridiculous because I had just been thinking to myself, "Someone should get this on tape. Look at me being all county! I'm really doing it!" CRASH. Last night Henry pooped in the bath for the first time ever and my family has been making him say, "Mustache!" because it comes out as something babies aren't allowed to say. Sooooo obviously lots of funny/cool/ummmm? stuff happening around here too!

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