Friday, December 2, 2011



Lately I've been feeling like I'm loosing my "Baby" Henry. He's really developing his own personality and while that's so awesome and fun, it kinda breaks my heart. I don't know, I guess I wasn't prepared for this. It's too soon! Don't get me wrong, I'm totally looking forward to these next years with Henry, it's so fun when they can talk to you and play like crazy. I just wish I could snuggle that little boy forever, I'm not ready to replace our morning cuddles with 7 am hide and seek and energetic, "Get me mama!"s.

Henry still likes to cuddle but I can feel the amount of time he needs me in that way growing shorter almost weekly. Someday very soon he's not going to need to twist his fingers in my armpit. He's not going to need to just. be. still. While it's hard, I am glad that I can recognize this speedy transition into toddlerhood. It helps me to slow down and truly enjoy the feel of his tiny body in my arms, as he makes doe eyes at me from under our covers.

I've been thinking a lot lately about the things I will miss most about the baby Henry. You know, all of those little things that you swear you'll never forget but life happens and then you do? I'm writing a few here so time can't steal them from me.

  • Henry doesn't say, "Please", he says, "Boof" (this one is almost gone).
  • He can totally say "Cookie" but he still calls Cookie Monster, "NomNomNom".
  • His favorite game is "On Pop" where he hops on Garrison's shoulders.
  • He calls the cat "Butts"
  • Sometimes when I leave the room for a minute and then come back in he yells, "Ohhhh, mama home!"
  • When I tell him he's cute and smart, he'll say, "And funny...."
  • He has about 8 stuffed animals in his crib because he keeps tabs on all of them and freaks when I try to take some out
  • He calls the TV the "Bitobee" and numbers "Munno-mos"
  • When he hears a song he likes, he shrieks really loud. Lately it's been Band of Horses and Foster the People. Also? Brittany Spears (wth?)
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