Monday, February 28, 2011



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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lovey Love Love

I know it's hella blurry but this picture is probably my new favorite. Henry is trying to give me a kiss and right after I snapped this he wrapped his chubby arm around my next and squeezed me a hug. MELTING.

This morning we ate banana-chocolate cake on the porch and soon we're going to make some avocado sandwiches and walk around the park. It's already 73 degrees and Henry woke up in an awesome mood. OMG today is a good, good day.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Cartoonzzz

Seriously a professional couch potato, crossed legs and everything! Nothing goes better with a morning bottle of milk than Turbo Dogs and The Replacements.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

We (Finally) Did It!

Bathed Henry in the actual tub. Henry says sink baths are so 2010 and I feel kind of dumb not doing this sooner because he basically flipped when he figured out what was going on. Due to my irrational fear of adult-feet germs I'm manically cleaning the shower floor and walls every night before we fill it up with water but it's totally worth it because he spends forever in there just splashing, screaming, and chewing on wet washcloths. OH and I feel like he's learning so much more being in a bigger space and that's awesome too!

so proud

so crazy

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why Our Wednesday Ruled.

Today was a really good day. We basically had no plans and the whole day to ourselves and we just did whatever we felt like doing. After Henry's morning nap I took him on a walk to a cafe a few streets down and we split a panini and I drank a huge glass of fresh brewed lavender-mint sweet tea with lemon. This restaurant only uses fresh, local ingredients and they bake their own breads too. So good! Henry like, never eats cheese or meats but he ate almost an entire half of my sandwich. That's how good it was.

turkey with roasted red peppers, hummus, homemade pesto, and caramelized onions (and a huge side of hot sauce).

right after he sneezed applesauce all over my dress. he was laughing so hard.

After our lunch we watched some dogs running around the off-leash dog park and then we went and got GIANT coconut-oatmeal cookies and banana muffins to eat on our walk home. This bakery is one of my favorites here, they make all of their pastries and it's decorated so cute!

GIANT cookie. OMG he ate the whole thing!

On our way home we stopped by the Feed & Seed and a nice old man bought Henry a strawberry plant. I can't wait to get it in a pot, especially since the weather has been all Spring like lately.

When we got home Henry ate the chocolate chips off of Garrison's muffin (sorry G!) and we played outside in the backyard until his afternoon nap.

banana chocolate nut muffin for daddy baby henry

this is what he does when i say, "hey! put your glasses on henry!"

OH and I know this is not a big deal to you guys and possibly kind of TMI but while we were outside Henry pooped and then looked at me and said, "STINKY" and started dancing (mimicking this weird dance/rap thing I do every time he poops. I'm a weird mom. Don't ask.) My Henry is attempting to communicate with me! It's so exciting!

Hope you all had an awesome Wednesday as well. Only two more days until the weekend!

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Kidd Kraddick in the Morning

Why do I even waste my time listening to the radio on my drive to work? I don't know, maybe I'm bored with the same five CDs we own and the ones I do enjoy Henry has completely scratched in my desperate attempts to quiet him during a mid-ride meltdown. Maybe it's attempting to add some change to this routine schedule my life revolves around. There's not too many channels to choose from around here and while NPR is interesting enough and oldies bring back memories of my awesome childhood, I'm bored with those too. SO sometimes my dial winds up on the Top 40 channel.

Anyway, the other morning I was drinking my coffee and listening to another annoying show: "Kidd Kraddick in the Morning". Have you guys heard of them before? Apparently their show is on other channels too, which is unfortunate because that means other people are listening to their horrible, uneducated conversations.

And this is why I'm writing this post: Last week they were talking about cancer patients and survivors in a way that literally made my stomach hurt. Kidd Kraddick said something along the lines of, "Chemo is the ultimate weight loss solution. I'm jealous of people who are going through chemo because they loose all their body fat without having to diet or spend hours at the gym."

WAIT. WHAT? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? Kidd Kraddick is heartless and stupid to boot.

So then, one of the women chimed in and said that's exactly what it's like when people get the flu. She bragged about girls coming up to her at a bar and asking her to give them her virus because damnnnn she looked good after loosing so much weight.

Is Kidd Kraddick really so vain he'd wish cancer upon himself and look forward to being incredibly sick for a few days? How can you feel good about yourself after verbally slapping cancer patients in the face? What is wrong with these people?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Three Day Weeeeeeekend What?!?!

Saturday we did next to nothing. We literally just went to Henry's doctor appointment and then to Target to pick up his antibiotics and then came home and sat in the living room watching classic Seasame Street videos on YouTube. It was nice. Henry is still dealing with this crappy virus although his temperature has returned to normal again so yesterday we actually did stuff and that was nice too!

We drove downtown, looked for art at a local exhibit, and had lunch at Mellow Mushroom.
Align Center

We got home at a weird time- too close to Henry's afternoon nap to go anywhere else but too far to actually put him down. He was going crazy (he's been so bad lately! I know he's sick but he's totally having full out temper tantrums now. Screaming, pushing our faces, and throwing toys...when the heck did this change happen? It's annoying.) SO Henry and I went on a walk to the playground while Garrison worked on parts for a few songs he's getting ready to record. Of course he cried/tried to Hulk out of his stroller the entire walk there (and back) but once we were at the park he had an awesome time.

new shoes!


This morning we're taking it easy, eating honey toast and fresh fruit and watching Marty Stouffer's Wild America. Henry's really into this show. He's watching mountain goats jump around Glacier National Park and saying, "Woooofff! Woooofff!" like they're the biggest, weirdest looking dogs he's ever seen (everything's a dog).

seriously. how awesome looking is marty?!

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cookie Monsterrrrr

mom, your cookies RULE!

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Friday, February 18, 2011

this is what a sick henry looks like...

My poor Henry! The fever started yesterday. 102.5 under arm but he's handling it like a champ, eating his weight in graham crackers and toddling around naked. Lucky for us it's a three day weekend and also supposed to be in the 70s all week.

One thing I've learned since becoming a mom is that none of your plans are ever set in stone. Go ahead and plan a trip downtown and a BBQ dinner but just a half hour's time could find you curled up on the bed with Fresh Market take out and some YouTubed Gabba Gabba. And you know what? That's pretty okay too.

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