Monday, February 21, 2011

Three Day Weeeeeeekend What?!?!

Saturday we did next to nothing. We literally just went to Henry's doctor appointment and then to Target to pick up his antibiotics and then came home and sat in the living room watching classic Seasame Street videos on YouTube. It was nice. Henry is still dealing with this crappy virus although his temperature has returned to normal again so yesterday we actually did stuff and that was nice too!

We drove downtown, looked for art at a local exhibit, and had lunch at Mellow Mushroom.
Align Center

We got home at a weird time- too close to Henry's afternoon nap to go anywhere else but too far to actually put him down. He was going crazy (he's been so bad lately! I know he's sick but he's totally having full out temper tantrums now. Screaming, pushing our faces, and throwing toys...when the heck did this change happen? It's annoying.) SO Henry and I went on a walk to the playground while Garrison worked on parts for a few songs he's getting ready to record. Of course he cried/tried to Hulk out of his stroller the entire walk there (and back) but once we were at the park he had an awesome time.

new shoes!


This morning we're taking it easy, eating honey toast and fresh fruit and watching Marty Stouffer's Wild America. Henry's really into this show. He's watching mountain goats jump around Glacier National Park and saying, "Woooofff! Woooofff!" like they're the biggest, weirdest looking dogs he's ever seen (everything's a dog).

seriously. how awesome looking is marty?!

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WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Oh my gosh, I HEAR YOU on the tantrums! I seriously thought tantrums were a 2 year old thing, not a thing for our wee little men!!!

The leprechaun lady is creepy, but I LOVE the picture of Henry next to the Rockin' Chipmunk

The Velveteen said...

LOVE! the new shoes!

Dubs turned into a toddler-monster around the same time too, it balances out a bit, hang in there!

Jess Craig said...


Zwickl Family said...

EVERYTHING is a dog to Logan too. Duck=dog, cow=dog and dog=dog. haha Silly kids

Gemma said...

Terrible twos come (very) early??

Aww poor Henry, being ill super sucks at the best of times but when you're as worldly as he is, I bet he feels like he's being held captive. So much to do.

Hope he picks up soon and maybe that temper will cease too.

As always, your photos rock!!


With Love, Jamie said...

Fun day!
I love your bright outfit :) and your new shoes!!

Clare said...

seems like we had similar weekends, mama! i hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Unknown said...

Love those shoes! And we're starting the temper tantrum phase now, too-- lots of limp noodle tantrums where he just sprawls out on the floor and won't get up. Heaven help us!

Victoria said...

Yay for no bullies at the park today! And what the heck is up with that creepy leprechaun... hahahaha wow
That art place looks really cool! I want one! =)
I love Henry's stripes!

lydia. said...

i love your shoes!
and henry's shoe socks!


Lil Muse Lily said...

i swear they are ALL on the same page. over it!!
oooooooooooo, cherry blossoms. sooo pretty. we don't get those here. :(

JConstantine said...

where did you get those shoes!? i love.

Summer said...

OH-M-GEEzzz!!!! My son says dog a MILLION times a day! I am not kidding.. He calls my water-dog,me-dog,a random pen-dog,a picture on the wall-dog....He must be speaking some type of secret baby Henry language I do not know about. haha Love this post. He is super cute! I am so glad to know my kid is not the only one that says dog 14,000 times a day.

liz cousins said...

stop the madnesss! i was JUST think about marty the other day, trying to remember his name! ha! and youR new shoes are AMAZING!

Elizabeth said...

stop the madness! i was JUST trying to think of martys name the other day!!!! glad to have that answer ;) LOVE The new shoes!

bohomamasoul said...

love, love, love your new shoes! and i'm sorry your little man is still not feeling well. i hope he's back to his sweet, happy self very soon. i know how annoying it is when they throw the tantrums...i was so not good at dealing with them. but you're doing amazingly well, and this too shall pass. such a cliche, but so true. henry HATED his stroller once he could walk. i feel like i only used the stupid thing a handful of times, and then it was in the garage. anyway, great pictures and as always, love your post!

McMel said...

we're going through this too...

"it's fun to be one" or not.

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