Tuesday, March 10, 2009

advertise with us!

We'd love to tell our readers about your awesome Etsy shop, home business, product...ANYTHING (family friendly-ish)! Contact us about becoming a sponsor of It's a Wonderful Life.


Want our readers to know about your awesome creations? Let us host your next giveaway or product review and help you increase your traffic and (hopefully!) your sales. I'll also display your button on my blog under "Our Sponsors" for a month and tweet/facebook the blog entry.

about us: It's a Wonderful Life is a fairly new blog (3 years old) but continues to grow daily. We currently have received over 68,000 visitors and average about 360 unique visits a day. I have hosted two Etsy shops in the past and both experienced significant increase in traffic and sales with the placement of their ad (I was also seeing their products tweeted and re-blogged frequently).
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