Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Written by my Little Sister Carly:

Carly wrote this when she was seven years old, it's one of my most favorite stories ever. She is a talented writer, even to this day. You probably don't even remember this story Car! Love you!

Hero Goes to the Moon!

By: Carly Hall (pen-name: Reba B. Doodle)

One day there lived a handsome monkey named Hero. He had a monkey dog named Musket. He lived in a zoo. One day he got a call from his nice friends. They wanted him to escape from the zoo!! Hero asked, very curious, why? His friends said, because it is Chip and Dill's birthday!! "I don't think I could make it," said Hero. His friends said, "Just try! Please, please, please, just try, just try, just try, just then hero said, "o.k. o.k. I'll try!"

All of his friends shouted, "hurray, hurray!" Hero asked, "When should I go?" "Right now!" said his friends. "Why so fast?" asked Hero. "Because we are having a surprise party!" "Oh! I will hurry!" said Hero. So he called his dog, and said, "Lead me to the big rocket ships! Right away!" For Musket could know where anything was. So they quickly hurried out of the cage.

It wasn't easy getting out to go to the rocket ships. They got put back so many times, that Hero lost count. But soon they quietly got to the rocket ships, and at that very moment, Hero saw a rocket ship that said, "GO TO THE MOON WITH THIS BABY!" When he saw it he said, "Hop in Musket." So Musket hopped in and they took off. But first they put on their moon helmets.

When they got up to the moons, it was full of moons! "Which moon?" Asked Hero. Musket said, "To the moon below the blue cheese moon." So that's when they crazily landed. But he landed very hard because he didn't know how to drive it, so he just pressed the land button and some other button. There they had the party, and Hero didn't want to go back to the zoo! So he lived there with all of his friends, and had a great time.

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