Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sleep Walking.

I am still sick as a dog and didn't go to work again today. I am beginning to remember that staying home all day isn't as much fun as I always think it will be. Here's what a really sick day with Allie looks like:

8 am: Wake up just enough to say bye to Garrison as he heads off for work, then fall back asleep.
11:30am: Wake up and try to talk, realize that my throat is swollen shut, and fall back asleep.
2:00 pm: Wake up and drink some orange juice, pee, open the window because our apartment feels like a sauna, lay back down.
2:30: Realize that I should probably eat something, force a few crackers down my throat and turn on the TV.
Watch TV in bed until
4:00 then make a cup of Theraflu and wait to fall asleep.
4:30: Tell myself that maybe I've built up a tolerance towards sick medicines and make another cup of Theraflu.
5:00: Sleepily tell myself that the Theraflu is not working and that I will never be able to get enough rest, realize that I haven't been watching the TV - just listening to it.
Wake up at 7:00 and feel gross that I have slept so long that it isn't even light outside anymore
7:15 Groan and cover myself with covers, watch TV, and wait for Garrison to come home.
9:00 Take NuQuil and pass out until the next morning.

I am actually looking forward to (hopefully) going to work tomorrow. I hate how disgusting TV makes me feel and it's crappy when you get to the point where you are searching on-line for the few TV shows you actually haven't seen and then realize you've seen them all already. I'm the biggest baby when I get sick so it's really a good thing that G works such long days. I'm even beginning to drive myself crazy.

Yesterday I checked my e-mail and I had an acceptance letter from one of the schools I applied for! I was so happy I wanted to call everyone but they probably would have been focusing on how scary my voice sounds right now that the news wouldn't have seemed that great. The school I was accepted to is in Springfield, IL and their teaching program is one of the best I found. We are still not too sure if we're even moving to Springfield anymore, so we'll just have to see how things play out. Now that I can go to school down there, Springfield seems a little more exciting to me.

Friday is supposed to be 58 degrees and sunny! G and I are planning on riding our bikes around and possibly going to a show at our friend's house. Summers here are so beautiful, I know Friday is just a teaser...but still, I can't wait for it to start getting warmer here.

Tonight Lost is on and G doesn't get back from school until 9 or so. I'm excited to watch a TV show that I haven't seen yet. It's ridiculous how dependent I've become on stupid shows these past two days....

I'm going to take a shower and order some pizza for dinner.

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Amy Gibson said...

dear allie halla,
i hope you get better so so so so so soon. it is always so sad when you are sick. i can understand how you may have worked up a resistance to cold medicines- maybe i will send you some from china. there's these REALLY disgusting ones that i am afraid of: any time our boss thinks one of us is getting sick, he will run out to his office, come back into ours and squirt this vile black tube of stuff into our throats. and then we smell like this medicine for a day or so. i wouldn't be surprised if there was snake blood and shark fin in it... but it seems to get the job done. currently i am taking this packet of tea stuff that tastes mildly like chicken broth to keep myself from getting sick, because i don't want to take the black stuff.

i miss you and am thinking of you. i adore you, dear sick girl.
amy g

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