Saturday, March 28, 2009

Goodbyes :-(

I went to bed last night rather late, thinking a ton about how my sisters are leaving already and of all the things I wish would have happened on this trip. Not saying we didn't do a lot and have fun doing it...I will remember this week forever. I am already that kind of person who holds onto the past and spends too much time over-thinking about what I should have done/shouldn't have done. When you throw family into that whole mess, it just gets complicated. Did my sisters leave knowing just how much I love them? Did we create memories that they will look back on and smile at? Did I help them through any hard times in their life? Did they have as much fun as I had? The questions could really go on forever...I probably won't sleep much tonight, it's really weird not having them around now.

This morning as I was Benadryl-sleeping-in, one of the girls came into our room and unplugged my computer. I fell back asleep and minutes later woke up to the Shins song "The Past and Pending" playing in our living room. Being some what foggy, I had a rush of feelings I hadn't felt in years. I can't quite explain it. Have you ever heard a song or smelled something that you haven't experienced in years, and you realize that you have all of these feelings you never knew you attached to the song/smell years before?

I should really stop talking about it before I ruin the feelings attached to that song...All I'm really trying to say is that it was a good song choice for the sad realization that they were leaving this morning, as well as the best slow wake up I have had in a while.

I already miss them so much and our teeny-tiny apartment feels so empty without them. I still expect to see them sleeping on the futon and floor every time I get up to go to the bathroom...weird.

I worked tonight. Welcome back, real life.

I also found out that I was accepted to the teaching program at Garrison's school!

Our breakfast picture from this morning!

Megan, Lindsey, Stevie, and Carly...thank you for making me the luckiest big sister.
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