Monday, March 30, 2009


SO, I can finally share our exciting news. I've been wanting to tell so many people but had to wait until we made our final decision and I told my nanny boss.


Yep. In less than two months it's good-bye old Chicago and hello new life. We've known for a while about the small chance we'd be out of here sooner rather than later but it wasn't a for sure thing until last night. On Friday G was offered a job that he is so happy about. We talked the whole thing into the ground and finally just stopped discussing it and said, "Let's just do it..." I am applying to a school down there too, so I will be able to complete my Master's in Teaching while we are there.

Lately, I've been realizing more and more that life is too short to stay in one place for too long. New places = new opportunities and experiences, and sticking around Chicago isn't going to offer us too many new adventures. Plus, I miss being by the ocean and the color green. ALSO, Savannah is supposed to have some pretty epic thunderstorms and with my love for weird weather I'll be right at home.

We're already planning our road trip down's only a 12 hour drive from Chicago, so we can really take our time to get over there. I think we're going to pack up a U-Haul again and head out around the second week in May. Over the past year and a half here we've managed to accumulate a good amount of junk that we don't really need. Moving to a new place will help us get rid of a bunch of stuff and for that, I am grateful.


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Dena and Adrianna said...

Congrats!!!! People in the South are soooo nice! You'll also learn about grits, sweet tea, Waffle House and so much

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