Friday, March 27, 2009

Last Day:

I'm up late again, uploading a bunch of cute videos and pictures to YouTube and Flicker. Check em out!

Today we walked around our neighborhood and checked out the thrift store by my work, the yummy Dinkels Bakery, Uncle Fun's shop, Jimmy John's sandwiches, and Scooter's ice cream. We even got to meet up with Homer, who took us down to the Belmont Marina. It was so beautiful outside, it was cloudy ahead of us and the sun was setting in clear blue sky behind us. The whole thing made for awesome shadows and lit up trees and when it started raining we even got to see a rainbow over Lake Michigan. All in all, I'd say it was a good last day for the girls.

I can't believe they are leaving so soon (tomorrow at 3:45), I feel like we're just starting to have all the fun too...When they first arrived, the end of their time with us seemed a million years away. It's amazing how fast time flies.

I'll be posting more videos and pictures for a while here...there are too many good ones and I know Megan and Lindsey want to share some of these with their friends back home who check this blog. So even when they're back, look for more on our adventures from this past week!

Tomorrow morning we're having breakfast at a famous Chicago restaurant, finishing packing, and heading to the airport for good-byes. :-( I'm going to miss these guys like crazy.

And, because I did it to's really only fair:

I don't know how to edit these videos so that my face isn't the main picture before you hit play. If anybody knows, please tell me! It's real annoying...

We NEVER fight:

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leigh ann said...

ya'll are so beautiful! i am jealous supreme because i have always dreamed of having sisters and i could imagine us like you and yours. hold them tight forever!

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