Sunday, March 8, 2009

Good Luck G!!

So G left today for Savannah, Georgia. He comes back pretty late tomorrow night. It's been really strange not having him around and it's going to be even weirder sleeping in our bed tonight without him. I hate it, but I have really loud thoughts and I really only notice them when he is gone.

A few nights ago on the news, they ran a pretty long story on bed bugs. Apparently there is a huge outbreak of them in Chicago. This really grossed me out so of course, instead of just forgetting about it I stayed up super late Googling and Wikipedia-ing images and information. I used to think that these things were microscopic....turns out they are visible bugs, sometimes even bigger than fleas. They feed off of our blood and dead skin cells. I'd rather not say when we washed our sheets last so for the past week I have been going to bed terrified and itchy all over. Not that I'm actually being's just once I'm thinking about something so gross, I let my imagination go a little crazy. I'm sure internet researching the issue didn't help either. SO, today I broke down and went to Target and bought all new sheets AND pillows and washed all of our blankets and towels. Washing that boring stuff is something I've been meaning to do for a while (all of that costs about $10 to clean!!) I'm pretty excited to sleep with new sheets and pillows tonight...although without my Garrison, who knows how much sleep I'll really be getting.

Here is G's fancy-boy outfit as he was heading out the door for Georgia this morning at 6:00!!

Bunz was sleeping like this today on the couch, the thunderstorms are finally not scaring her!

Here's to a good week....
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