Thursday, January 17, 2013

Turn and Face the Change

I've been absent from this blog for so long. The truth is, I've been overwhelmed with life. Overwhelmed with new feelings and change. Overwhelmed with how little time there actually is in a day. I used to love sneaking away to write down my thoughts here or share funny Henry things but lately I've dreaded even the thought. I also check in on some of my favorite blogs and notice their comment counts are thinning, their follower's list is plateauing, and their posts are few and far between. Is the blogging community of my early new-mom days becoming a ghost town? Does anybody still read blogs anymore? Hello...o....o....o...o. 

A lot changed for us the week we flew back into Savannah. We had such a great time in Washington and it sucked super hard coming home again. I miss having family around all the time. Also, I feel like I have more of an individual identity when I'm in Washington and I loose it when we come back. I over-think things, obviously. Anyway, the week we arrived, I started full time student teaching. I'm actually working at a public Montessori school and I really do truly enjoy every second of my time there. Of course, me starting teaching meant that Henry also started school. I thought for sure he'd love it because he's so social but you guys? He freeeeaking hates it. Every day he hates it. He screams until he's red in the face, "I DON'T YIKE SCHOOL! I DON'T WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL!"And it makes me feel like crap. He's only been going for a week and a half so I'm hoping this all just part of the adjustment process. Less time at home with him is incredibly hard for me too. I feel so guilty take him straight out of quiet, relaxed days with me and rushing him into loud, nine hour days at a crowded school that smells like Saltine crackers and cheap hand sanitizer.  

I keep telling myself that it will all be okay and only hoping that I am right. I can't handle having to peel his crying little body off of me so early in the morning, when all I want to do is snuggle him until he wakes. In other news, HENRY IS POTTY TRAINED. We're saving so much money on diapers and I'm alllll like hell yeah. What a relief. Oh...and this Saturday?......

Eeeeep! How did that happen so fast? 

I miss all of my readers and all of your wonderful blogs. Writing here tonight has inspired me again and I am really going to try hard to update this page more often. I've been having a ton of fun on Instagram lately, which has also contributed to my lack of blogging. If you don't already follow us, you should! It's how I keep in contact with the wonderful people I have met through this blog. Click the link below to follow me. 

And here's a picture of Bunz the cat being real cute, because.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Baking With Henry

My talented little sister, Carly, just sent me this video that she made. It's absolutely adorable! Thank you Carly!

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