Thursday, July 28, 2011

Henry Meets Frog.


O.M.G. what is that thing?

Monday, July 25, 2011

My Child is Perfect.

baby h 238

Henry was so good on our eight hour flight from Georgia to Washington! He sat on my lap the entire time and blew everybody around us baby kisses. He read his books quietly and even kept his feet/hands in one place. He ate all of his snacks, wiped his face and tray when he was finished and then asked the flight attendant if they recycled their bottles and soda cans. I watched a movie and sipped a mini bottle of Sutterhome and watched the clouds outside my reclined seat.


Our flight was was a nightmare. Horrible, horrible, horrible like I'm still recovering from it horrible. Henry napped for two hours and I was like, "Oh this is going to be easy!" Then he woke up and only wanted to throw things, scream, and hit me. He wanted to get down and every time I told him he couldn't he would hit me in the face. You guys? He bit me! What the heck! Even our layover was hard. He wanted to sprint the entire airport hallway which is awesome but really hard to do when you're carrying two bags and a suitcase. Drove me nuts, Houston I'm still sorry.

baby h 228

You know those wall seats in the airport bathrooms? I've never been so happy to see one. I strapped him in and hid in the family bathroom for 15 minutes, just to get a break. I literally sat on the toilet and texted and I liked it. Babies change you, for realz.

baby h 237

As hard as the trip was it was totally worth it because look at the love we are flying towards every time we come home:

baby h 288

I'm glad I don't have to fly with Henry for another week. We're having a ton of fun staring at Henry, laughing at his tricks, eating good food, and catching up on lost time. It is good to be home.

While you're here, check out my friend Melissa's fun blog feature, "Let's Get Real". We're talking about what crazy stuff really goes once you're a parent . Click the box below, you'll love it!

Hi, Baby.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

We're Coming Home!


Bags packed and we're ready to go. Washington State, your ours by tonight. Henry has taken over our carry on, I swear I tried to pack light but who knew such tiny people could require so much stuff? I'm nervous about flying with a kid who hates sitting on my lap but hopefully I've brought enough tricks up my sleeve to keep his rotten tude in check.

Grandmas and Grandpas, Aunts and Uncles....Ya'll ready for this? (dun dun-dundundun-dun dun....)

henrychristmas 116

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big Kid Date

love 034 love 035

We had such a great time last night. Thanks to everyone for the anniversary wishes! Our friend Caila came over for a couple hours and watched Henry so Garrison and I could go to bike to a place that didn't even have highchairs or kid's menus. We ate a plate of french fries and drank fancy cocktails and talked about adult stuff. It's been SEVEN MONTHS since we've done something like that & that's really sad, because it was a lot of fun.

Henry had no problem staying with Caila, he loves her. It's hard to believe that we can easily leave Henry and he handles our absence like a champ. Total turn around from the first time we left him with a sitter. Apparently he didn't even notice we had left! When we got home I asked him for a big kiss and instead got a big slap in the face with a "Noooooo!" Welcome home, right?

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Half Birthday and an Anniversary


Little Henry isn't so little anymore! Today he is 18 months old. Right now Henry's favorite things are: Making animal noises, naming Sesame Street characters, being chased, cleaning up (who's child is this?!?), making us sing a fast montage of his favorite songs (Wheels on the Bus/Twinkle Twinkle/Itsy Bitsy Spider/Tick Tock <---NOT the Ke$sha song) as he does the hand motions, and eating cookies. He could listen to "Barbara Ann" by The Beach Boys on repeat for an entire week and enjoys coloring on himself with pens. He's always doing stuff with the sole purpose of making us laugh and surprising us with how much information he retains.

It's kind of weird and maybe it's not like this for everyone but when Henry was a newborn he could have been any baby, I was just happy he was mine. Now that his personality is developing I am realizing that we are incredibly lucky. That there is only one Henry and that this Henry was meant to be ours.


And how special is it that on Henry's half birthday, Garrison and I get to celebrate our four year anniversary?! I love you Garrison and I love our family so much. Now let's get a sitter and GO OUT BABY-FREE!

allie and garrison chicago
Chicago, 2008

Monday, July 18, 2011

Beaver Baby


I may have given birth to the first half baby- half beaver. Should I call Ripley's? Henry wakes up before we do and instead of crying or talking...he eats his crib. I don't know how to get him to stop! We've tried slipping rubber bumpers over the wood but they don't fit. Can I paint Tabasco across the rails? (kidding!)

One of these mornings I'm going to find him sitting on a pile of boards, with a huge grin on his face because he finally chewed his way out.

Oh Henry.

henryONE 129

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Pool Party Baby

See the part that says, "Feels like 111"? Did you notice that was at 5:00 in the evening? Gosh yesterday was HOT. I think the heat index topped 120 midday. So we bought Henry a pool and he stayed in there for a good hour, splashing and trying to wear everything as a hat. Why didn't I do this sooner?

This summer has been hotter than the last but a lot more fun. Last year I hardly left the house because Henry was 6 months old and I was a freaked out brand new mom. This summer we're making up for lost time (but not that snuggling a naked newborn in cool sheets isn't ahhhmazing too).




IMG_1209 IMG_1164




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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Today while I was doing this:


Henry was doing this:


I'm guessing he had put it on his head towards the beginning of lunch when I wasn't paying attention. He's not the biggest fan of lunch meat (can you blame him?) I think he forgot it was there because he wore it until he was ready to get down!

Monday, July 11, 2011

The My-Kid-Is-Still-A-Baby Complex

love 027

I have it. Bad. Is this veil of denial just part of being a mom? Because nobody ever warned me that I would be so blind for so long. I've worked with kids for years and their developmental and physical growth has always been so obvious to me. Yet with my own child I don't see it as easily. I'm constantly having to remind myself that he is older than that baby image frozen in my mind.

I'm afraid this could hinder his development in some way so as difficult as it is (I love the teeny guy!) I'm trying to see the older Henry. Teaching myself that he can go without bottles, that he can be taught to string three words together, and that soon (dundundun) he can even start sitting on a potty.

Anybody else?

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Love:

love 018

My boys in the morning.

love 003

Diaper hats.

love 013

Following Garrison into town for BBQ chicken pizza with cilantro.

love 024

Annoying this cat.

love 011

Serious cheesin'.

love 012

Henry Hugs for everyone!

love 009

Little southern rompers that button in the back like this.

love 022

New shoes bought on clearance.

love 026

A huge pile of friends.

love 021

The natural light in our bedroom.

love 020

(Just kidding!! Cute picture though...)

love 005

Painting. Big kid style.

love 017

Fast babies.

love 001

Happy dads.

love 007

Baby kisses.

love 014

A sleepy, sweaty Henry.

love 023

New house plants.

love 015

Playdough balls (this entertains him for hours).

love 004

Bright red playground shoes.

love 008

Happy happy boys with neck rolls.

love 010

Straight up 'Tude.

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