Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Half Birthday and an Anniversary


Little Henry isn't so little anymore! Today he is 18 months old. Right now Henry's favorite things are: Making animal noises, naming Sesame Street characters, being chased, cleaning up (who's child is this?!?), making us sing a fast montage of his favorite songs (Wheels on the Bus/Twinkle Twinkle/Itsy Bitsy Spider/Tick Tock <---NOT the Ke$sha song) as he does the hand motions, and eating cookies. He could listen to "Barbara Ann" by The Beach Boys on repeat for an entire week and enjoys coloring on himself with pens. He's always doing stuff with the sole purpose of making us laugh and surprising us with how much information he retains.

It's kind of weird and maybe it's not like this for everyone but when Henry was a newborn he could have been any baby, I was just happy he was mine. Now that his personality is developing I am realizing that we are incredibly lucky. That there is only one Henry and that this Henry was meant to be ours.


And how special is it that on Henry's half birthday, Garrison and I get to celebrate our four year anniversary?! I love you Garrison and I love our family so much. Now let's get a sitter and GO OUT BABY-FREE!

allie and garrison chicago
Chicago, 2008
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