Thursday, July 7, 2011


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I am certain there is nothing more beautiful than a sleeping baby. How wonderful would it be to absolutely have to nap for three hours a day?

We had a big storm here two weeks ago and Henry lost electricity to his room. We weren't able to use his baby monitor at all. My mom told me that she never used them with us and that she slept better because she wasn't waking to every sniffle or cough we'd make. While I do think that monitors are great for newborns, now that Henry is older I totally see what she was getting at. We had power reconnected yesterday so I plugged in the monitor and woke at two, four, and then at five....because I could hear him turning in his bed. Even though I was up most of the night, the monitor is up {full volume} again tonight because omgwhatif??? you know? I'm kind of a freak about things like that.

BUT it blows my mind that you can go from needing to hear every breath they take to realizing that they really are okay all night in just 17 months. Oh time, you're breaking my heart!

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