Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Love:

love 018

My boys in the morning.

love 003

Diaper hats.

love 013

Following Garrison into town for BBQ chicken pizza with cilantro.

love 024

Annoying this cat.

love 011

Serious cheesin'.

love 012

Henry Hugs for everyone!

love 009

Little southern rompers that button in the back like this.

love 022

New shoes bought on clearance.

love 026

A huge pile of friends.

love 021

The natural light in our bedroom.

love 020

(Just kidding!! Cute picture though...)

love 005

Painting. Big kid style.

love 017

Fast babies.

love 001

Happy dads.

love 007

Baby kisses.

love 014

A sleepy, sweaty Henry.

love 023

New house plants.

love 015

Playdough balls (this entertains him for hours).

love 004

Bright red playground shoes.

love 008

Happy happy boys with neck rolls.

love 010

Straight up 'Tude.

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