Sunday, March 29, 2009

32 Degrees In March?

I'm sick of snow. It's almost April and we just got two inches of new snow this morning. I can't wait for real spring.

I was going to post last night, but I was too busy puking my guts out to even see straight. I blame yesterday's tuna melt from Subway and G says that I should probably not warm up anything with mayonnaise in it from now on.

I have some AWESOME news that I can't wait to share with everybody. I'm seriously so excited I have butterflies. However, because I don't know who reads this blog, I'll have to wait until tomorrow or Tuesday to share it. And no, we aren't pregnant...

On the train after saying goodbye to my sisters, I sat two seats down from this young couple who were visiting some friends in Chicago. By the size of the girl's bags, I'd have guessed they were staying for at least half a year. Who needs to pack that much crap, seriously? A few stops down the blue line, two men and a woman got on the train and sat down across from the couple. The three were being extremely loud and hilarious, just having a good time. The couple kept sending each other looks like, "Can you believe how ridiculous these people are?!" And if they weren't acting like that, they were rolling their eyes or smirking to themselves. Like they're so much better or something? I think it bothered me more than usual because the three people on the train we're African American and all of their gestures just made them look like racist jerks who really thought they were better than everyone. They're probably going to meet up with their friends, drink cocktails, and talk about how "crazy" the big city is. I couldn't help but give the girl a pretty nasty look, which was probably pointless anyway. I don't know why I did it, now that I think about it.

When they left the train, the girl couldn't even carry her own bag so her boyfriend picked up three huge suitcases and carted them off. The whole time she was texting or doing something equally stupid on her iPhone. I wanted to see what my dirty look looked like, so I turned to the window and tried my best to create it again. When I focused away from the window, I realized that there was someone on the other side who had been watching me. She was glaring back like, "What's your problem?!" I don't even want to know how ridiculous I looked. I guess that teaches me to keep my thoughts to myself sometimes.

Just another beautiful Spring day in Chicago....

When me and my sisters were at the thrift store, we found this! It's made from fabric glued onto other pieces of fabric. Below the pot it says, "SHAWN. AGE 5" in the cutest kid scrawling I've seen.

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