Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Goodnight Moon.

For the past few months, G and I have been falling asleep to the This American Life podcast. I couldn't believe it took me so long to discover something so interesting and entertaining.

G can't usually fall asleep unless there's noise somewhere within the apartment and since TV is too much and pretty annoying, radio shows win!! We tried streaming some of the radio shows available through iTunes, (mostly the mystery theater channels) but a lot of the times the volume was hard to control...The program was either too soft or too loud. And sometimes you'd have it at just the right volume and then, swear to God, you'd just be falling asleep and that old organ would come blaring through the speakers and shock you out of dream world.

G introduced me to the show last summer and I really can't stop listening. While it usually only takes him ten minutes tops to fall asleep, I'm up for at least an hour before my mind relaxes enough to allow myself to start I usually catch some pretty awesome shows. I mean, what other radio show interviews Mr. Rodgers, people in forbidden relationships, people who spend years catching antelope by foot, kids whose parents moved them to the middle of nowhere, and waiters working the night shift at all night diners? I think I like this show best because they choose interesting subjects for their shows, things that most people wouldn't think to write about. AND their free episode list dates back all the way to 1995!!

I guess I'll stop talking this up, before it starts sounding too much like a 4th grader's book report. All I'm saying is check it out (click on the colored words above) will probably blow your mind.
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