Monday, April 6, 2009

Mondays and Gold Orcas.

What makes for the best Monday ever? Giving almost a whole paycheck to the IRS!! I love giving my hard earned money away, I was seriously so excited to write the check and I couldn't wait to seal it all in the envelope. Tomorrow I'll mail it off and in a few days I get to check my bank statement and see a large deduction! I'll probably be checking my statement everyday until I see the money disappear. Yay!!

More snow today! I can't believe it's April 6th and we're still walking in blizzards. Yesterday we ran to the gas station and it seemed like the wind was against us the whole way there...and back. G yelled over the wind, "IT WAS 71 DEGREES IN SAVANNAH TODAY!!"

Walking home yesterday:

Oh yeah, have ya heard?...GOLD ORCA is back! G and I broke out the keyboards yesterday and started playing again. We have a new song finished (G wrote it) and I like it a lot. We stopped playing for a while because of work and school. Also, I get frustrated with myself too easily. I tend to be too much of a perfectionist. Please keep in mind that the myspace recordings are pretty rough and are all from when we first started playing together. We'll hopefully get some new and better recorded songs up next month.
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