Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Favorites.


Carrie said...

that pic of the girl with the magnifying glass is beautiful. I want to draw it.

For harris burdick, I just read them the letter at the beginning of the book and flipped through the pictures and read the titles and captions. Beforehand I had made copies of each one and posted them around the room. Then I explained that kids had been writing stories for these for years, and I even wrote two when I was in junior high. Next I explained that they would be writing a story, and I gave my expectations (I have a rubric- but you'd probably do a simpler one for elementary), and I let them walk around the room and check out the pictures for like 8 minutes. Then I had them start a plot diagram, but some of them just COULD NOT wait to start writing. It's amazing.
If you search the internet I keep hearing about, there are a lot of suggestions for ways to teach this book- including some that are specifically for really young kids, which might be more up your alley (pun totally intended!).

Kelly said...

ROFL!!! That picture of Carly is really cute, Al!!! HAHAHA!

Love and miss you,


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