Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lazy Days.

Sundays are becoming my new favorite day of the week. Lately it seems like it's the only day G and I don't have an overwhelming amount of work, and it's definitely the only time we get to spend a whole day together. It's really cold outside and snowing/raining off and on, so we rented some movies and grabbed some groceries to make a dinner together. In between figuring out taxes, cleaning house, and playing music we sit on the couch or snuggle in our warm bed, and it's so relaxing. Also, WE GOT OUR FIRST MOVING BOX TODAY!! We're moving to our new city in 41 days. So exciting!

Last night G played his second to last show with Slim Dixon and it was hard. The show itself went great, and everyone had a ton of fun. It's just hard knowing that soon we won't be seeing these guys. Everyone was kind of bummed, so the night felt a little weird. I'm excited for our new adventure but I'm going to miss this city. Especially because it's where G and I spent the first years of our new lives together. We've learned so much about each other!

Before the Slim Dixon show we all ate dinner at Bacci's Pizza. Everyone here raves about it and now I know why. Huge slices of really good tasting pizza and free soda for $4.50! I really should have taken a picture of the slices we ate, it was incredible. Guessing, I would say that each slice was a foot wide and a foot long.

Hope you all had a FUN weekend!
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