Saturday, April 11, 2009

Letting Go.

G and I bought this beautiful blue trunk before we left Bellingham two years ago and I have been using it to store letters, pictures, and other items I've collected over the past few years. I have a hard time throwing away the silliest things...if you've ever written me a letter or sent me a card or done something special with me, I probably still have it somewhere.

We had forgotten the combination to the lock so for the longest time it just served as a table for our TV and record player. Today I took a hammer and knocked the lock off and had so much fun going through all of the weird things I've held onto. I decided to throw a bunch of it away...I mean, what good is it to still have old letters from boyfriends I dated in high school/college? I threw away so much, which is a big step for me. Only the really special or really funny things made the cut. Meg, can you believe I still had your cut up bridesmaid dress? Ridiculous.

I of course had all of the cards we were given on our wedding day and looking at all of them again reminded me that we have some pretty awesome/hilarious friends. Here are some of my favorites:

- A Sumo Wrestler card...written inside, "You can always have su-mo' salad with these plates!"

- "May the force be with you." Grandpa Marr

- Inside a penguin card, "Penguins mate for life!" Clara and Dillon

- Inside a card making fun of Cheny's hunting accident, "I didn't know about the hunting/shooting thing until after I bought the card..." Tim T. and Lizzie

-On a birthday card with Barack Obama on the front, "I TOLD him it was a wedding...:-( I'm voting for Hillary." Sam and Devin

I have some awesome pictures from our Chicago Easter...we had a very busy day, but a lot of fun. Baking extra cupcakes and getting ready for work, so I'll post it later.

Happy Easter!
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