Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why Our Wednesday Ruled.

Today was a really good day. We basically had no plans and the whole day to ourselves and we just did whatever we felt like doing. After Henry's morning nap I took him on a walk to a cafe a few streets down and we split a panini and I drank a huge glass of fresh brewed lavender-mint sweet tea with lemon. This restaurant only uses fresh, local ingredients and they bake their own breads too. So good! Henry like, never eats cheese or meats but he ate almost an entire half of my sandwich. That's how good it was.

turkey with roasted red peppers, hummus, homemade pesto, and caramelized onions (and a huge side of hot sauce).

right after he sneezed applesauce all over my dress. he was laughing so hard.

After our lunch we watched some dogs running around the off-leash dog park and then we went and got GIANT coconut-oatmeal cookies and banana muffins to eat on our walk home. This bakery is one of my favorites here, they make all of their pastries and it's decorated so cute!

GIANT cookie. OMG he ate the whole thing!

On our way home we stopped by the Feed & Seed and a nice old man bought Henry a strawberry plant. I can't wait to get it in a pot, especially since the weather has been all Spring like lately.

When we got home Henry ate the chocolate chips off of Garrison's muffin (sorry G!) and we played outside in the backyard until his afternoon nap.

banana chocolate nut muffin for daddy baby henry

this is what he does when i say, "hey! put your glasses on henry!"

OH and I know this is not a big deal to you guys and possibly kind of TMI but while we were outside Henry pooped and then looked at me and said, "STINKY" and started dancing (mimicking this weird dance/rap thing I do every time he poops. I'm a weird mom. Don't ask.) My Henry is attempting to communicate with me! It's so exciting!

Hope you all had an awesome Wednesday as well. Only two more days until the weekend!

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Heidi said...

OMG, there are so many things I love about this post Allie. So much good food and drink, I'm dying. I miss sweet tea (spent half my life in the south, y'all) and a strawberry plant from an old man? Could I be more jealous Henry? No. I could not be. And a big ol' "Hell yeah!" for the stinky dance; way to tell Mom what's up dude! Hugs and kisses to you, sweet little family.

LISA said...

Seriously... I can't believe what a big boy henry's becoming! He looks so grown-up in the photos of him on the front porch! So cute. AND are you kidding TMI? that is amazing that he said stinky and danced!! I can't wait for Seba to communicate!!! YAY Henry!

Victoria said...

I think you should stop feeding Henry those delicious things and send them my way! They all sound so amazing!

Way to go Henry for communicating! hahaha

jill said...

OMG he is getting and acting so big! communicationg with corbin has been one of the only ways i can handle him growing up! haha like crawling and walking, i like that he can do and say what he feels and wants! please take a video of that potty dance and post it on here. or i would even settle for a personal email! :) im so glad you two had a fun day. there is something so special about having a lunch date with your little guy! also? love henry's litte toothy smile and outfit!

Lil Muse Lily said...

what a perfect, perfect day! go you, go Henry! :)

Unknown said...

How cool is it that he is talking to you! Especially about going to the potty.

Jess Craig said...

what a cute day!

Amadeus said...

Wow, looks like sooo much fun! Henry really looks like his dad in the last picture. I can't wait to go on a date with my little guy! Don't you just love this weather?

morgan said...

tooo adorable for words.

Carrie said...

I can't believe how much happens in a year. Walking around? Sandwiches?? WORDS?!?!


(P.S. Weird mom = cool mom)

jill said...

oh ps. the only thing missing from this post is me and corbin hanging with you guys!!!!!

Chelsea said...

you are one adorable mama!!!!

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