Friday, February 4, 2011


As much as I complain about being bored with routine, I look forward to weeknights at our house. We follow the same schedule blah blah blah every night but I still get excited about it during the day. It's just a nice feeling finally being in your own house and eating a good meal together after a busy day of work.

While we make dinner, Henry plays this game where he drops something over the gate and then screams at us until we give it back to him.

Eventually one of us gets tired of listening to him yell and we pick him up and make dinner one handed. Of course, Henry helps.

Our dinner (spicy tofu with garlic, veggies and brown rice). Garrison cooked this. Woot! Woot!

Henry's dinner (tofu, sweet corn, left over spaghetti, pita with hummus). I ground up the tofu because he didn't like the texture and it looked like I was spoon feeding him vomit. Ugh.

After dinner it's NO CLOTHES BABY! and Jeopardy.

Sink bath after that (do you guys still bathe your babies in the sink? I just feel gross about setting him on the same tub bottom that our feet stand on every morning...)

Nuts. Get it?

New duck towel! Chubby baby!

Book time with the last few minutes of the night. More and more he's having a hard time sitting still for an entire book. I was lucky to get these shots because most of the time he was falling off of the bed, smacking the cat in the face, or breaking the blinds.

After Henry's in bed I clean up the baby toys for the tenth time and then enjoy the two hours of silence I get out of an entire day.

Now imagine there's a picture of me drinking a huge glass of wine probably with my nose stuck in my computer or staring at a dumb TV show.

Day = DONE!


Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Love this post!!! I'm actually working on a bed time routine post of my own... but I've been slacking with the cute photos lately! You've inspired me to finish it! :)

toria said...

I loved the editing of the bath pic! lol too funny! great day, sounds exactly like mine!

Victoria said...

haha how cute! I totally hear ya, I feel like my life is so routine but I do still love knowing that I get to spend time with Beau every night!
I want to do a little "day in photos" thing when I have kids someday. My parents did them for my brother and I once and they are so fun to look at! When we're kids we don't know there is a routine so it's fun to look back and be like "oh that's what I did!" Henry will love it! =)

Jess Craig said...

dude, you're missing out on the fun that is bathing your kid in the tub! imagine it: sitting on the toilet lid watching him splash around and pretend swim. it's great. wyatt stays in for like a half an hour some nights! and then when he's ready to get out, i do a quick sudsing and rinsing and he's pretty much exhausted for the night and then it's bed time. i highly recommend it.

Zwickl Family said...

I definitely know what it feels like to cook with only one hand. Ugh.

But that dinner looks delish! Props to the hubby!

Christina M. said...

I love that you bathe Henry in the sink because of foot germs! I feel the same way! Luckily Liams baby bath looks sort of like a mini plastic claw foot tub so it still big enough for him to take a bath sitting up in it! That or he showers with Daddy! Henry is getting so big! He is way too cute.

Anonymous said...

He is such a ham!!

bohomamasoul said...

First of all, I love that you were in a picture! You're so beautiful, Allie! And the dinner that Garrison made sounds SO GOOD. I absolutely love what Henry ate, too. You're setting up such awesome eating habits for him. As for the sink bath, my mom bathed us in the sink FOREVER. Unfortunately, my crappy old house has an oddly shaped sink that isn't conducive to sink bathing...which totally bums me out because it's kinda tradition, ya know? Oh well. I completely understand the feet thing about the bath tub though...

Enjoy that wine for me, girly!

Lil Muse Lily said...

we have a similar routine. we don't have a tub so Lily has been a shower baby since she was 4 months old. it's great now because she can finally stand up in there by herself and i don't have to take a shower with her every time she needs one.
we do clean up with her before going to read the 2 books. i'm tired of cleaning up all her toys.
and yeah, she too doesn't sit still for the book reading like she used to.

Jen said...

I have never bathed B in a sink. I love bathtime around here...he swims in the tub and splashes and tries to drink the water as it comes out of the tap.

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