Thursday, December 15, 2011

what we've been up to

DSC03844 DSC03843

@ school with his huge bag of markers


AHHH Dragon!!

DSC03880 DSC03841
Super 8/ Watching Rudolph with "PaPa"

Getcha craft on


"Helping" Uncle "Pee-Vee" with the tree

Melissa <3

"Bomma" corn on the cob

DSC03863 DSC03892
Snuggling the cat and eating candy cane (wrappers)

Throwing a fit at WalMart


I know these are a ton of random photos but honestly, we've been so busy that I only think to snap a few on the go. We've been hanging out at my parent's school (they are both teachers) while they finish up classes for winter break. We got our family Christmas tree and spent time with really good friends that I haven't seen in forever. Time here is going by so fast but I'm seriously enjoying every second of it (cheese alert!)

Henry has been so off schedule that I never know when he's going to sleep but we're on vacation so I'm just sorta winging it. He missed a nap yesterday so naturally he'd sleep great all night duh, right? Nope. For some reason he screamed until 2:30 am. I was trying to be all tough like, "You're sleeping in your crib endofstory" but I can only take so much crying that late at night. Plus, he's been wearing those fleece footie pajamas because its so cold here and those things are basically snuggle magnets. Anyway, horrible night of baby feet in my ribs and this morning he still wakes up at 7 with so much energy. How do babies do that? Amazing! Annoying! He grabbed the curtains first thing and ripped them off the wall. He was totally unfazed by it as he threw the rod off of his head, pointed out the window at my parent's horses and yelled, "HI HEE-HEEs!" . Lucky for me for every bit of energy he has, my family has as much patience and love. For once I am not Henry's sole source of entertainment and that feels awesome.

Okay and that candle picture? Henry keeps finding those and dumping them out all over the place. Then he sits down and lines them up saying, "Happy DayDay Henny!" after each one. Hilarious!
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