Thursday, May 28, 2009

Outside the Apartment

I'd like to get some more pictures of the area outside our new place, the Spanish Moss here is so beautiful and kind of haunting. I snapped a few pictures of our building before we left for G's work physical today, so ya go!

We rent the ENTIRE top floor! The windows you see are in the living room, office, and stairway. Our mailbox is the one on the right!

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Carrie said...

WOWSAS! Fun! Your living room already looks so put together. And get ready, girl. Size of a dime bugs are babies. Wait till you start chillin with roaches ("palmetto bugs") the size of a cell phone. The South is kind of amazing.

We're in Florida right now- were in Alabama yesterday. It is awesome- and I've been thinking that we should arrange a visit one of these days/weeks/months.... I don't know how far Savannah is from New Orleans but it can't be THAT far. I'm trying to teach art this summer... starting this coming Monday(?!?!?!)

Shoot me an email sometime and good luck with the job search!

Ooooh- today on CNN Barack was saying he's going to make a cyber czar. Apparently the internet is something worth worrying about.
I don't buy it.

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