Sunday, May 17, 2009

So Behind.

I've fallen behind on so many things, it's not even funny. Obviously this blog is one of those. In my defense, moving is stressful and always takes up a ridiculous amount of your time. While we're still (barely) stealing this wireless connection I thought I'd post some pictures from our fabulous road trip.

We drove through Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, and a bit of Georgia (of course). We kind of hated Indiana, it was really nothing but sewer plants, power lines, and billboards. Kentucky was the prettiest with all of its rivers and huge forests. I haven't seen so much green in a really long time. Also, driving to bluegrass music is one of my new favorite things.

We LOVE our new apartment and have so much space that the whole thing echos. Cat keeps getting lost and meowing until she finds us. We even have our very own doorbell. I'll put some pictures of the place up later.

So sorry these road trip pictures are size: teeny-tiny.

Entering Indiana:

Our Kabin in Kentucky:

Traveling Cat:

The storm in the Smoky Mountains:

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