Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Things That Really Bug Me:

1. When the wind whips dirt into your eyes.
2. People who ride their bikes on the sidewalks.
3. That Old Navy commercial with the talking mannequins.
4. Old Navy.
5. Paying $2.00 for a 12 oz. PBR and $6.00 for a whiskey sour.
6. Crumbs or dirt in my bed.
7. Doing taxes and possibly having to pay A LOT of money.
8. Enchiladas.
9. Poorly written books that get really popular.
10. When Maury airs the episodes where they make fun of girls that look like dudes and vice versa.
11. People who walk slowly in groups and take up the whole sidewalk, so that you can't get by.
12. American Idol.
13. Clothes that don't fit.
14. $30 tickets to a Broadway in Chicago show.
15. Broken bike parts when you really want to ride.
16. Tyra Banks
17. Any bugs that suck blood...right now, bed bugs.
18. Being so far away from the ocean and forests.
19. "Mechanically separated chicken"
20. People who can't keep secrets.
21. Driving in Chicago, especially when it takes you half an hour to go two miles.
22. When people say, "So I says to them..." or anything related.
23. People who give dirty looks or act cold for no reason.
24. When you say "HI" to someone and then realize that it was the wrong person or they don't remember you.
25. Orange spray tans.
26. How college humor movies almost always make fun of little people.
27. Scalloped potatoes.

1 comment:

Brad said...

I can totally relate to number 11 and 18 in my life right now...

But Enchiladas?! Why?

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