Saturday, March 7, 2009

Some of My Favorite Artwork in Our Apartment:

By my sister Lindsey:

Screen print from the art gallery down the street:

By G:


My sister Carly:

My sister Megan:

Our friend Dylan:

A velvet painting from a discount art store:

By Me:

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leigh ann said...

hi allie, i found this blog in a bookmark tab titled "ryan" on my firefox browser. we met once long ago but we really don't know one another so i wanted to tell you i read some of your blog and i:

1) think your cat is cute,
2) agree painted on eyebrows are hid,
3) also miss washington.

see! we're practically sisters so it's not weird that i randomly spent twenty minutes reading about someone i don't even know!

anyway, you can look at my blog if you want though it's fairly seinfeld-esque in that it's a blog about nothing. ha!


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