Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reckless Records.

Yesterday we popped into the Reckless Records downtown. I made the best vinyl purchase I have in so long. I've been looking for this Mountain Goats album forever, I couldn't believe I actually found it. Yay!

We're getting ready to go to some thrift stores and possibly the prettiest of my favorite secret spots in Chicago. It's 50 degrees out and we're in the mood for something beautiful...

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Amy Gibson said...

miss allie,
i'm so glad that you're having such a fun time with your sisters! i'm hoping to spend some good (we're all grown up and less fighty) time with mine when i get home.
i've been listening to that album a lot lately- it reminds me of our houses. for some reason it is different listening to a music in a place that is all your own, and listening to it in a place that you know you share with people. i don't know if it is better or worse, but it makes me miss community a little.
what is your favorite secret pretty spot in chicago. can you make a map with all the secret spots on it?
i think of you daily,
amy g

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