Monday, March 23, 2009

Not-So-Lazy Sunday...

We didn't make it to the zoo today, we spent much longer than planned walking around the neighborhood and bargain hunting for groceries and quick/yummy dinner ideas. Tomorrow is officially zoo day and we're all mostly excited. Megan wants to see carpenter ants and mating lions, Lindsey wants to kick it with some giraffes, and I'd like to see the sand cats (so cute). Sadly, G can't join us because he has to work in the morning but he may end up meeting us around five. Here's our Sunday in pictures!!

Woke up and ate yogurt, eggs, and toast:

Lindsey fed pickles to Bunz (they're becoming good buddies) and we headed out for church:

Then we decided to play tennis but the gates were locked so we slipped through. Turns out we're all horrible at actually hitting the ball consistently so we just goofed around instead:

Then we went to Garrison's band practice. Megan really liked it and got a CD:

We watched Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist and ate a huge spaghetti dinner. Grossest thing I've seen in a while: This cheese we bought from the dollar store that tasted like a combination of sugar and flour and wouldn't even melt, no matter how hot we got it.

We're buying real cheese tomorrow.

Now it's goodnight Chicago...(Lindsey will kill me when she sees this, but I couldn't resist):

I don't have enough space to post all of our pictures here, but I have been uploading them all to my FLICKER account. So check it if you want to see more.

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Kelly said...

That's what you get when you buy cheese from the Dollar Store-mystery plastic!

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