Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We're Bringing Home a Pretty Lady!

Pick out cute outfit for H. check
Clean out nasty "We have a baby now so food molds" fridge. check
Make Megan's room cozy and welcoming. check
Gas in car. (whoops)
Pack toys to distract H on the two hour drive. check
PACI!! check
Find a blanket big enough for (fingers crossed) nursing in public. check
Print out flight info. check
Directions. check
Find Camera. check
Coffee and music for drive. check

Jacksonville here we come!! I cant waaaaait!!

Also, H hasn't pooped in two days. I have a feeling he's been saving the ultimate diaper-baby blowout for this car ride....


Brittany said...

Have a safe trip!

and hope the poop isn't TOO bad for ya! Nothings worse then big blow outs in the car!

Paige Baker said...

Ahhh!! So great! Have fun!!

Emmie Bee said...

I don't know what this means!! Are you adopting a baby? Are you picking up a friend at the airport? I'm confused! More details, mama!

alliehallmarr said...

Hahaha, Emily my little sister is coming to stay with us. She's been in Africa for the past four months!

Mrs. B said...

have a safe and FUN trip, ma! we have one of those fridges too, btw. ;)

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