Monday, May 31, 2010

Inside the Mind of a New Mom.

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When Henry was a new baby:

He was always falling asleep. I used to have to wipe his face with a wet cloth to wake him up in between boobs.

One of my favorite things to do was snuggle him skin to skin.

Just getting out of the house to go to Target was a huuuuge deal.

I cried when he got his first taste of sick, a blocked tear duct.

His nickname was "Baby Bear".

I would check his breathing at least six times a night.

I thought it was impossible to love him anymore than I already did.

I was too afraid to let him sleep longer than two hours in a row because I was afraid my milk would dry up.

I loved sleeping with him curled up on my chest and listening to him breathe.

I had a complete melt down when my mother in-law was visiting because I thought I couldn't handle the endless crying and had convinced myself that I was a bad mom because I couldn't make him stop.

I was waking every 1-2 hours to feed him at night and taking pretty epic naps during the day.

I would dream that I had fallen asleep while feeding him and wake up in a panic searching the sheets for my tiny baby.

He had a three inch knot on the top of his head from being pressed too hard against my only semi-dilated birth canal for too long. I would run circles around it with my fingers and it would calm him down when he was upset.

I was worried that he wasn't getting enough milk while feeding or latching correctly and obsessed over making sure he did.

Every time we'd eat out I spent most of the time worrying that he'd start crying.

I slept with five blankets at night because my hormones were going all crazy so I was always either really cold or really hot.

I discovered a whole new kind of love for my husband and it blew me away.

What kinds of crazy things did you worry about/think when your baby was still brand new?


Dori the Giant said...

This is so sweet Allie... :)
You're such a great mommy.

Jess Craig said...

oh my god. i used to panic every time i fell asleep while nursing. i would wake up and jerk him by accident and he'd get all scared.

when wyatt was REALLY new i literally didn't shower for a week because i was afraid to leave him alone. (i didn't have family or even josh to help me because he was either working or in training)

gosh, now i just stick him in his excer-saucer and shower and even put make up on!

Brittany said...

:) I was just like you!

One day after an entire day of colick and no sleep, I fell asleep with Aidyn laying on my chest.

when I woke up he was no where to be found. I screamed. I have never had such a deep felt panic like that EVER.

My sister was visiting, and had taken Aidyn from me so I could get some sleep. I hugged Aidyn so hard and never wanted to let him go again!

Paige Baker said...

This is so sweet. You always make me tear up.

Adriana said...

you just summed up everything for me. wow. i miss those days!

Posh Play said...

So now I am totally crying. My baby boy is ten weeks this week and I can't believe it! I had most of those same exact thoughts as you. It is amazing how fast that time went by and how slow it went by when I was pregnant! The only other thing I think is different is now I don't change his clothes or do laundry as much haha!

alliehallmarr said...

Oh you guys, I just can't believe how fast the time is going by. It feels like just yesterday that I was thinking/doing all of these things.

Thanks Dori and Paige :)

Jess: I'd half shower most of the time. Stick H in his bouncy seat and just climb in the shower and he'd start crying and I'd have to hop out. Maybe part of the reason women have maternity leave is so that they don't offend anyone with their messiness/smells :)

Brittany, omg that would have scared me so much. Yikes!

Adriana, it's crazy how fast they grow isn't it?

Posh, I also felt like pregnancy lasted way longer than time has after H's's no fair! It is great that at least babies just get cuter, easier, and more fun with time. I guess that's a pretty good compromise!

ELijah said...

Hi! I'm new in blogging world. Mom made me a blog so that I can share my thoughts with you. Hope you follow me too.

thank you!

Jamie said...

YES! the panicking about falling asleep while nursing thing! in the beginning at least.

and YES! the always worrying about the milk drying up.

it's funny how different things can be after just a few months, it seems like a whole other world now.

i was just thinking last night about that soft new baby smell and realized... jude doesn't have it anymore.

how weird!

Delirium said...

Ahhh... a lot of that sounds just like me.

I called Asia 'Asia bear' and 'Asia boo'! still do :)

I was SO worried about her temperature alllll the time. I was constantly changing the thermostat thinking it was too hot for her or too cold for her, I only stopped doing this about a month ago. Nights were when I would worry about it the most.

I had so many breakdowns at first, just worrying about her health, checking her breathing, researching SIDS and how to prevent it!

I have different worries now as she is getting older (sadface)

alliehallmarr said...

Hey Elijah! Checked out your baby blog, very cute! Thanks for stopping by and for being my newest follower :)

Jaimie: I am seriously going to be so sad when H looses that baby smell. He's still got it, but not for too much longer I'm afraid :(

Bonnie: Omg, I'm still a freak about the temperature. All night I'm convinced he's either too hot or too cold and so I'm up and down and back and forth rearranging fans, blankets, and AC temp. Talk about no sleep...ever! And SIDS is the scariest thing I can possibly think of. It keeps me worried every time he's asleep, that's for sure.

melissa rohr said...

love love loving your blog.
um, hello...i think after reading this we are the same person j/k. i am so right in the middle of all of that (well, maybe i check for breathing 15 times...but who's counting?) and this is my third time around!

alliehallmarr said...

Melissa, you mean it doesn't get easier with each child? Ack! ;)

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