Saturday, May 29, 2010

Taking a Break

Henry 071 by you.

Yesterday we decided we all needed to get away. Just this morning G found us an awesome hotel in Beaufort, South Carolina and we've been spending the day swimming in the pool, watching cable (a luxury for us!), lounging in the sun, and eating good food. I was even able to take a long, hot bath and drink a glass of wine tonight. Do you realize these are two things I have not been able to pair since I found out I was pregnant?! This is a huge deal guys!

Henry 074 by you.

Henry had his first experience with a pool today. We all thought he would hate the (very cold) water on his feet but he loved it. He kicked his legs, squealed with excitement and blew spit bubbles until his lips were numb. One of my most favorite things ever is introducing Henry to new experiences and I know this is one we'll remember forever.

Henry 065 by you. Henry 068 by you.

Henry 048 by you.

Henry 073 by you.

We love spontaneous getaways and we are so happy that my little sister could join us for such a fun weekend. Here's a video of Henry's first time in a pool EVER!

ps. i know i have a couple of tags i need to respond to. i can't wait to answer your questions and pass on your awesome ideas tomorrow!!

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Paige Baker said...

I wish we lived in the same state. Every time you spot I think that. You're just the coolest people ever!

Emmie Bee said...

He is just TOO cute! Those sunglasses!

Delirium said...

Awww, you know, I really need to take Asia to a swimming pool, I have yet to do that. Henry is so so cute! What a lovely weekend you guys had.

I voted for you! (again) :)

ashley said...

oh my gosh, you just reminded me that i haven't had a glass of wine plus hot bath experience in 19 months now... wow. i think it's in order as soon as i can find tub for the bath. the wine is never a problem around our house:-)

Jess Craig said...

oh my god. wyatt screamed bloody murder when i took him to the pool. but he better get used to it because i plan on going everyday.

Adriana said...

what a beautiful day! he is too cute with those sunnies on and girl you look great in that bikini!

alliehallmarr said...

Paige, I agree. It would be so fun to hang out all the time :)

Em: Thanks so much! Have you found little glasses for Truman and Sawyer yet?

Bonnie: Thanks for voting for us! I bet Asia would love, love the pool!

Ashley: Our hot water tank is so small that we never have enough hot water for a bath! It was the most relaxing thing I've experienced in soooo long.

Jess: I thought for sure H would scream. I was completly surprised by his (not so awful) reaction. I bet he'll love the water if you keep putting him in it.

Adriana: You are too sweet. I haven't worn a bikini in a long time and definitely realized how much bigger my boobs are now that I'm breastfeeding. Yikes!

jill said...

yay henry! hes the cutest little thing in those big ole sunglasses. i love his face! and you look AMAZING in that bikini! its so nice to get away. im glad youre all enjoying yourselves! :)

alliehallmarr said...

Awww, thanks Jill! We just found a street carnival that we might stop by later. Getting away is the best!

Ailen said...

Best. Sunglasses. Ever!!!

Melissa said...

i seriously love your blog!! just voted for you :) my husband and i are trying to make a babe but have yet to succeed.. hope our baby is half as cute as henry!! you guys have a beautiful life together :)

Brittany said...

SO keyyyy ute! Glad you're having a good weekend!

alliehallmarr said...

Thanks Britt and Ailen!

Melissa, thanks for reading and thanks for the vote too! I'm excited to read more of your blog, you and your husband are adorable!

Iris Flavia said...

Very, very cute!!! :-)
I wish summer would make it´s way over here as well! Way to cold for the season here...

Allegra said...

i can't believe you were in beaufort this weekend. that's where I live/work/play! hope you had a fabulous time in our little town!


alliehallmarr said...

Iris: Yuk! Hang in there, I'll try to send some of this warm weather your way!

Allegra: No way! Small world! We loved Beaufort (from what little we saw). I love all the marsh pretty!

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