Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our Saturday Was Awesome!

We had so much fun today! Henry slept in this morning, which means I did too. I haven't been able to sleep until nine in so long (okay, mayyyyybe it was ten ::sigh::). Henry must have been exhausted because after eating and a little bit of his morning flirting, he fell back asleep and napped on our bed like this, until noon! Wow, being a baby sure is hard work!

While he was sleeping, I was able to clean the entire house watch The Office and around 12:45, figured it was probably about time to do something productive with our day. H was pissed that I had woken him from his nap and spent the next few minutes making faces like this:

G has been downtown doing bike census work and we thought it would be fun to join him. It's been so sunny here lately, although a little too hot for my taste. On our way to meet G, we saw this lady again:
It's a really bad picture, because I was zooming in on her from far away (like a total creep, I'm aware). I see her outside this house all the time, hanging various clothes on her window. At first I thought she was using the window bars like a clothes line, but have noticed that the clothes are never wet. I like to think that she's hanging them there for people who might really need a new shirt, or a nice pair of pants.

When we got to the grocery store, G was sitting outside counting bikes and writing down data. We took tons of pictures (duh.), saw a bike accident (not serious), watched Henry discover his feet, and drank sodas to keep cool in the 90 degree weather. Here's a picture of G and his new girlfriend bike.

When we came home, G worked on the yard and started putting together our new garden bed I'm so excited to start gardening soon! Henry was in a happy mood and practiced laughing and trying to grab his feet. I learned today that I can make him laugh by looking at him with a serious face and saying, "Hey Henry. Whuss sup" (so weird but hey, I'll take it!). I started sewing a new pair of felt booties for Paige's friends and G made delicious wraps with portabella, green peppers, and spinach. Before bed we must have read Brown Bear, Brown Bear about five times. Henry really loves the colorful pictures and the rhytmic words.

We love Saturdays because we get to spend so much time as a family! Hope you all are having an awesome weekend as well :)

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Dori the Giant said...

Haha I love your pictures. Henry always makes the cutest faces. I get so into it and I kind of feel like I'm playing a virtual game. NEOBABIES DOT COM - Create your own virtual baby! Be an e-mom! Yay!

Man, I wish I could be a mom. :(

lydia. said...

yay for getting extra rest! :)
henry is such a handsome little guy.
i like his little pouty face. haha.
glad you guys had such a nice family day!


Paige Baker said...

Y'all are SO cute! All these pictures and I can TOTALLY imagine your beautiful Saturday! And H looks SO MUCH like G in that first picture!! I love how much you guys love bikes...and your son...and each other. It's so perfect and I always leave your blog still's almost creepy.

OH and thanks for the shout out/ shoes! You're so great, it really means so much to me. You're my best, blog friend!!

alliehallmarr said...

Neobabies dot com sounds like an awesome idea. I bet e-diapers are way more fun to change and e-moms would still be getting just as little sleep as they already do blogging/facebooking! I'd take my baby to an e-park everyday because you could control the weather. Someday you will have the most beautiful baby and it will love art and keeping the earth beautiful, just like you. You're going to be an awesome mom Dori!

Lydia: Thank you so much! H has always had the most expressive eyebrows, it's one of my (many) favorite things about him :) And that pouty face, oh man. Cute now but when he's older that's going to get him into some real trouble, ha ha.

alliehallmarr said...

Paige! You are my best blog friend too! Your comments always make me so happy :) I just finished the tops of your friend's shoes and I'm super excited about them! A cute little owl with a smiley moon and stars. Many thanks to Henry for letting me get so far on them tonight!

Paige Baker said...

Dori, at first I thought you were serious about the neo babies thing !! haha, I looked it up, it sounded so creepy!

Awwwh, my heart just melted! These are the friends who have been trying for years (lots of years) and were told they could never conceive. She's a kindergarten teacher too so as much as she loved kids, I think it was hard for her to deal with the constant reminder of how much she loved them all the time. They are so happy, and just found out the gender last week! A girl, Evangeline Grace. So sweet. Those shoes mean so much to me, really. For the baby who wasn't supposed to exist.

Thanks best blog friend. You're awesome.

Paige Baker said...

Oh and thanks H!! You're my favorite blog baby!:)

AND, you have 58 followers!!

alliehallmarr said...

I'm so happy for them! What a beautiful name too :) Evangeline is going to be love, love, loved! Stories like that make me so happy and also make me want to squeeze H so tight and never put him down.

Love you Paige!

Paige Baker said...

She is!:) I know how you feel, it's so great. Hug your baby every second you can!


Jess Craig said...

wow, you are so lucky! i'm glad you're getting extra sleep. you deserve it. and the faces your kid makes cracks me up. he has the best expressions.

christina said...

He's got the BEST expressions!! :)

Paige Baker said...

I like how the last two comments here say the same thing:)

alliehallmarr said...

I like that too! Get that baby in a facial expression competition asap!

Paige Baker said...

On itttt!

Candi said...

Your blog is SO cute! My son Stellar LOVES Brown Bear too. Have you seen the brown bear finger puppets?

alliehallmarr said...

I haven't seen those! What an awesome idea though, I'm going to look into those :) Thanks for reading, I can't wait to check out your blog!

Paige Baker said...

Ahem, I uhmm...SHOWED Candi your blog!:) haha, she's a good friend of mine:)

Mrs. B said...

SO CUTE! and YAY for awesome saturdays!

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