Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Mother's Day = Success!

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Mother's Day was so wonderful. How neat is it that my little sister got to be here for my very first Mother's Day? G bought Henry this adorable little onesie that says, "I Love Mommy" and he wore it all day. He also found me a dress, which turned out to be more of a jumpsuit and we all spent a good amount of time laughing about it. After lunch, we headed over to the flea market and daydreamed about owning a puppy. Afterward we walked the beach and then went out for a delicious pizza dinner.

I'm boring myself with this post, so I'll just shut up and post some pictures from our day....

megan's visit May 10 066 by you.

Walking through our favorite flea market.

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"See H, we could own one of these fluffy things if it weren't for your momma!"

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G bought a new hat, a bandana, sunglasses for H, and a matching pair for himself. Awww, look at my boys!

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megan's visit May 10 072 by you.

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Tybee Beach!

megan's visit May 10 084 by you.

Henry's first time staying awake on a beach trip!

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Paige Baker said...


christina said...

aw yay! happy mommy's day indeed! :)

alliehallmarr said...

They're so tricky! G felt really silly, but I told him that I have almost done that same thing so many times :)

jill said...

that family pic of the three of you is too too cute! glad you had a great day!

Anonymous said...

your baby has the BEST facial expressions! he seems like such a smart baby!

Anonymous said...

That Picture of Henry at the top looks so different! :)

Much love!

Brittany said...

What a great day, and great pictures! :))) Such an adorable family!!!!

Dori the Giant said...

Haha you two are the cutest. I love reading your new posts. It's kind of like reading a book to find out what's next.

By the way, I felt like your comment was appropriate. It's not about offending anyone, haha, it was just your opinion. The whole post is an opinion! I also happen to agree with your opinion. :) (no worries, i didn't post it!)

alliehallmarr said...

That's good to know Dori, thanks. Sometimes I feel like my comments don't read quite like how they sound in my head. Thanks for not posting it!

erinlucyloves said...

your blog is so cute! isn't mothers day fantastic?! i'm glad you had a good one xx
ps LOVE the matching sunglasses!

andrea said...

The last photo is adorable!! I am glad you had such an amazing mother's day. xxxo

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