Monday, May 10, 2010

Saturday, In the Park....

We had so much fun this weekend! We've been extremely busy showing Megan all around Savannah and introducing Henry to many new firsts. On Saturday we walked around the farmer's market and Forsyth Park and then took some sandwiches down to the river. There were a bunch of street performers out and we listened to Amazing Grace and watched the barges float in and out of the port. Unfortunately we didn't have a third person to take our picture (G was teaching a bike class all day) so we don't have any pictures of the three of us together. Maybe if you paste the pictures together and then cross your eyes, the images will blend and we'll be standing next to each other :)

megan's visit May 10 009 by you.

megan's visit May 10 007 by you.

megan's visit May 10 016 by you.

megan's visit May 10 017 by inthecity2008.

It was so hot we dipped Henry's feet in the fountain and splashed some water on his face. Did he like it?

megan's visit May 10 010 by you.

megan's visit May 10 011 by you.

NO!!! He hated it!

megan's visit May 10 014 by you.


Dori the Giant said...

Hahaha. Photoshop does wonders!

It's so cute that he hates water. Does he act like that at home too?

Kelly said...

man, what a baby! Oh, yeah, he is, so that's okay!

andrea said...

Oh-no! Bresho would have gone nuts as well... oh, babies!!!
I hope you had a great mother's day <3 <3

christina said...

oh boy. i really had a hard time not giggling at the ending. :)

Paige Baker said...

Nom, nom, nom. Love him.

Brittany said...

ohhhhhh poor baby! lol what a honey!

Delirium said...

Hahahahh!!! Aww!! Poor little guy!!!

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