Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh Hey, Feet!

three months 061 by you.

three months 057 by you.

One of the best things about being a mom is getting to watch your baby learn new things. On Wednesday, Henry discovered that omg! he has feet. I love watching him wiggle and squirm until he is able to lift a foot in the air. Once he has it in view he'll sit there and stare at it until his leg gets tired and falls back down. It's got to be hard work lifting all that newly accumulated leg chub (my baby's got leg rolls now. Leg rolls!)

We were both sitting around Henry this weekend, watching him practice his latest trick and I said to G, "We are watching him realize for the first time that his feet are connected to his body..."

And how amazing is that?

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Dori the Giant said...

That's so adorable. :)
I get moments like this sometimes still, where I get out of the shower and look at my feet and they just look so alien to me. I like it though, reminds me of what we really are.

Love your photos and posts. :)

alliehallmarr said...

Thanks Dori! Can you imagine how weird it must be realizing that you can control those funny looking things at the ends of your legs? I wish I knew what he was thinking, I bet it would be hilarious :)

It was fun chatting with you today!

Paige Baker said...

This is so sweet...(shh, I cried...but it's a BIG secret!) He is beautiful. Really.

ChelsE said...

Aw man your Henry is just so stinking adorable. He just keeps getting cuter with every picture you post!

alliehallmarr said...

I won't tell Paige (whoops! did i publish your comment ;)

Thanks Chelsea!

Mrs. B said...

baby feet are my all-time favorite thing! they are just so little and sweet and perfect. gah, your little man is so cute, mama.

ashley said...

it's pretty freaking amazing that we are privy to such amazing moments in another person's life as what we get to witness being mamas and daddies. i love it!

christina said...

:) ah yes, the tootsies! lovie spends a lot of time jolting her legs into the air and grabbing her little piggies and i just watch on with a big smile, knowing that at any moment, they will become new teethers. ew. i hate feet. except for when they're attached to babies.

Yana said...

darn it.
are you reading my mind!?
yesterday I thought, I'm gonna post of picture of the babe finding his toes and how proud it makes me.
Hah! Well I guess we will be hitting a lot of milestones together since our babes are so close in age.
How old is Henry? Ruehl is 12 weeks now.

Well, off I be a copy cat? ;)

andrea said...


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