Saturday, August 6, 2011

Washington Part 2

henrywashington 013

We said goodbye to my family and spent the last few days of our vacation with Garrisons. Henry had fans all over Washington and I'm sure he's still wondering what happened to all of the attention he was getting every second we were home. We had a lot of fun exploring Tacoma's playgrounds and neighborhoods and we miss everyone there so much!

Henry has been really testing boundaries lately so this visit was a lot different than the last when he was barely walking. I felt like I was constantly saying "NoNoNO!" which is unnerving when you are around your inlaws. They are awesome, down-to-earth people who I'm sure get it but it's just weird disciplining your child in front of people you really want to make a good impression on, you know?

Anyway, here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip (last ones, I swear):

henrywashington 052
feeding the ducks with grandpa marr - hen lost his shoe in this pond!

henrywashington 057
telling grandma about all of his girlfriends

henrywashington 078

henrywashington 039 henrywashington 038
henrywashington 064 henrywashington 081
@ point defiance rose garden

henrywashington 082
rowrowrow that "boat"

henrywashington 059
running away from me exploring with great grandpa

henrywashington 051

henrywashington 080
discovering the convenience of pockets

henrywashington 070
grandpa's shades

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